BetHunter is the leading community for automatic arbitration between bookmakers. BetHunter is aimed both at ordinary people, with no knowledge of sports betting, as well as at professional clients. Our software is capable of reading the odds published by the different bookmakers, comparing them, identifying surebets, and making them automatically. All without human intervention.

Why did we build it?

First and foremost: BetHunter was born because we as sports betting professionals needed such a solution.

Endless afternoons trying to find profitable bets by hand, diving through the huge grids of bookmakers, always arriving late to each arbitration. We needed to improve the process. There is a wonderful life out there, we couldn’t spend it looking for bets in front of a computer.

We tried to improve every step of the arbitration process, looking for an automatic and definitive solution, and that is exactly what we did.

Making arbitration an automatic process proved beneficial not only to seasoned professionals. It was also appreciated for:

  • Novice traders, looking for a better way to achieve their goal.
  • Amateur bettors, who did not follow a consistent strategy to be profitable in sports betting.
  • People with no relation to sports betting, who found in us a vehicle to achieve extra income.

Betting is just another financial alternative, and BetHunter has become a vital part of that ecosystem.


Our vision

We see BetHunter as a one-stop solution for arbers and other industry professionals, allowing them to profit from sports betting with minimal hassle. BetHunter strives to make a significant contribution to the continued evolution of the industry on an international scale, and we want to be the benchmark company in a few years.

Our mission is to radically simplify the arbitration process, allowing professionals to unleash their potential. We fulfill this mission thanks to an exceptional technical team of programmers, which is the basis of our project.