Value bets are bets with odds higher than those that should be established, taking into account the probabilities that this result will occur. In other words, they are better paid bets than the other bets available.


How Valuebets Mode works

BetOven automated sports betting software places valuebets for you. You just have to add your bookmaker accounts and configure or filter the valuebets you want to make.

Imagine that you have any of the bookmakers in our Ranking . You could connect it to BetOven, installed on your computer at home and walk away knowing that our bot will place the bets for you. Forget about paying private Telegram channels or tipsters to get the best Picks.

You will be able to choose markets, leagues, and sports!

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Value Betting FAQ

The word surebet comes from English and translates as value bet.

They are bets to which the bookmakers have granted a higher value than they should have according to the probability that that specific result will occur. In other words, they are better paid bets by the bookmakers, either due to errors in establishing the odds or for assuming greater risks in establishing them.

They arise thanks to the errors in the odds quotes of the bookmakers . Each bookmaker establishes odds that fluctuate continuously, depending on the probability of the result. In certain cases these odds are calculated incorrectly, allowing the investor to bet with an advantage.

There is no other more effective way to earn money with sports betting. Although surebets are the safest way, the returns obtained are lower than those we can obtain by placing value bets. Specifically with BetOven, the accumulated yield in this type of bet is approximately 20%. A real madness compared to most paid tipsters you are used to.

Of course, it is the only way for bookmakers to fight against winning players. If it wasn’t, we would bankrupt the bookmakers.

Bookmakers make limitations due to multiple factors, such as being a winning player, performing behaviors related to a professional game, entering non-liquid markets, and endless factors that make it impossible not to end up limited.

Yes, these types of opportunities can be found at any bookmaker . Especially these bets occur in what we call Soft bookies, the type of bookmakers we work with.

The biggest risk of valuebets is the volatility of results. You will have losses and gains that can make you distrust BetOven in the first instance, but our numbers support us. Our mathematical expectation is positive.

The experience accumulated in the world of surebets has allowed us to also focus on the world of value bets, it is not just about not closing sure bets. There is much more behind this operation…

Bookmakers and tipsters will tell you that the important thing is to know perfectly the market in which you are going to bet. But the secret is in the purchase of odds between bookies and in making calculations at very high speeds trying to find which bookmakers offer disproportionate odds in any of the available markets. Something that you can only do with the help of specialized software for it: BetOven  makes the difference in this sense, because it automatically searches and places value bets for you 100%

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The basis of this system is the same that BetOven already uses to find safe bets between bookmakers.

To start making value bets correctly at BetOven you will have to configure BetOven with some mandatory parameters and others depending on your balance, bank and the risk you want to commit. In the following video we give you some tips so you can start correctly:: Configura Modo Valuebets