Surebets are the safest method of betting. Even more, if you do it with BetOven, the best surebet software on the market.

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How would you like to trade all those hours of work making sure bets for a simple click? Our sports betting bot simplifies the whole process by automating the search and placement of your surebets.


How Surebets Mode works

A real sports betting bot

Add your bookmakers and configure the surebets you want to make. Our surebet software takes care of finding and making surebets.

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Forget about complicated arbitrage betting calculators and doing tedious calculations for hours in front of your computer screen, watching your opportunities disappear as soon as they came.

What are Surebets?

The word surebet comes from English and translates as sure bet

But what are surebets really? They are a combination of bets on all possible outcomes of a given sporting event, obtaining a sure profit, regardless of the final result.


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What is a sports betting bot?

Basically it is a software that specialises in finding and placing profitable sports bets.

These betting robots analyse the bookies in real time trying to find these opportunities, and alert the bettor of the opportunity to place them manually, or to place them automatically as our sports betting bot BetOven does.

FAQ on Surebets

They arise due to differences in odds between bookmakers. Each bookmaker establishes odds that fluctuate continuously, depending on the probability of the result. In certain cases these odds are calculated incorrectly, allowing the investor to bet with an advantage.

– Some bookmakers can cancel certain bets if they detect a very serious error in the odds of a certain bet. This can leave us with a bet on one of the uncovered bookie.

– The odds are updated very quickly, in some cases a bet may be made in one of the bookies and it cannot be covered in the other. An open bet, when surebets are being made, is statistically profitable (known as a valuebet), but involves risk.

The important thing about these risks is that they occur very rarely, allowing us to cover the losses caused by one of these problems with the rest of the surebets made. So you can rest easy!

There are different ways to find surebets:

  • Via Telegram channels (the least recommended option)
  • Using a surebet finder software such as Betburger or Oddstorm.
  • Using automated surebets software such as BetOven

BetHunter will always recommend safe betting using sports betting bots. This, once installed on your computer, automatically searches and places bets at bookmakers with the settings you establish.

It is the easiest way to make surebets, and the passive one. You can earn money while you sleep…

Of course, it is the only way for bookmakers to fight against the surebet method. Otherwise, it would be a continuous flow of passive income.

Bookmakers place limitations on multiple factors, such as being a winning player, engaging in behaviour related to professional gambling, entering illiquid markets, and a host of other factors that make it impossible not to be limited.

If you want to know more about limitations, click here.

The answer is simple: there is no other sports betting bot capable of placing bets automatically. We’re sure you’d rather have a robot do it for you, than waste the time of your life.

You can place surebets at all bookmakers that are legally registered in your country.

However, the best bookmakers for surebets are sorted and updated in our ranking.