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surebet calculator

What is a surebets calculator?

Basically they are tables or small software that allow us to perform calculations of results based on the amount and the fee that we want. With this we can perform manual calculations to verify that a surebet is indeed a surebet.

Calculate surebets

Calculating surebets is already a little known task, since this task has been automated so much that it remains in the programming code of the different surebets software. Gone is the introduction of data in a table or excel to know if what we had in hand was a surebet or not.

surebet calculator 2 results

We leave you a surebets calculator with 2 results in excel for educational purposes so that you understand how these simple and archaic calculators work: Surebets calculator with 2 results

surebet calculator 2 results
surebet calculator 2 results

Are surebets calculators outdated compared to software surebets?

These tables or software have become completely outdated, odds changes and market closings are done so quickly that it is frankly difficult to place a bet with this archaic method.

And it is that the bookmakers have put their batteries before the appearance of scanners or surebets informers first (ex: Betburger or Oddstorm ), and of bots or automated surebets software (ex: BetOven )

Why not use a surebets calculator instead of BetOven?

There are many factors that make a surebets calculator obsolete, these are some of them:

  • It is a very slow method, it will only allow you to make pre-match surebets.
  • You will find very few safe bets. When making this type of surebets, there is no fluctuation in odds as high as the one we find during an event, thus decreasing the chances of finding a surebet.
  • You will have limitations much more quickly. Bookmakers find players who make pre-match surebets more easily, precisely because they are rarer, and it is more difficult to camouflage themselves among the rest of the non-professional bettors.
  • It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack… if you could, wouldn’t you use a magnet? And better yet, if you could use a robot to perform that search with the magnet in the haystack, wouldn’t you?
  • I don’t think you want to spend hours and hours looking for surebets. I do not think it is the best option to earn money, especially if you have the opportunity to have a robot do it for you passively.

What are the risks of using a surebets calculator to place sure bets?

Surebets calculators are not only outdated, they are more risky than using surebets software, be it scanners or bots.

The Singlebets

Anyone who knows how to make surebets or perform sports arbitrage knows that, although this type of bets are indeed safe, there is a certain risk when making them. Well, these opportunities are present for very short periods of time, and sometimes in the middle of making a surebet, when we are going to make the second bet at the second bookmaker, we find that the odd has changed, or is being the market has closed.

It is in this case when we have a singlebet. And it is in this case when the volatility rises, because we will have a bet that will be won or lost with the consequent gain or loss of money. Although many of these singlebets are what we call valuebets, we cannot confirm that the mathematical expectation of these bets will be positive. Well, we don’t know how many of these singlebets will be valuebets and how many will not.

Surebet vs singlebet
Surebet vs Singlebet at BetOven

The probability of a surebet becoming a singlebet increases exponentially with the length of time it has been in the market. That is, the longer the time spent finding and making the surebet, the more difficult it will be to finish it successfully.

On the other hand, both surebet calculators and scanners do not compensate you in any way, becoming one of the worst dangers when making surebets. BetOven, on the other hand, does provide you with credits that will end up being converted into winnings, so that you will only have to pay for extra points when you have converted all your points into betting winnings.

Training 100% necessary

Being a professional manual arber and knowing the operation requires prior intensive training, so that we can minimize the risks. Without proper training and proper management of our emotions, we can put our money at risk.

The evolution of surebets calculators

Although these tools could be useful for hobbyists years ago, they have not stopped evolving until they reach the software we have today.

The first of the evolutions of these calculators was the automated tracking one . That is to say, they no longer only allowed to know the amount to bet in each of the bookmakers based on the quota and the first bet, but they also searched for these opportunities automatically, and it was you who had to place the surebet (both bets) in each of the bookmakers. Ex: betburger


The second of the evolutions comes when we no longer only find the surebets, but a surebets software makes the bets in each of the bookmakers for us.

For this, the software is preconfigured, in such a way that only the surebets that interest us are made (or tried to be made). For example: of a specific sport, in a specific league and with a specific minimum percentage return. Ex: BetOven

betwen 10

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As you can imagine there are many parameters that make your surebets software filter surebets. However, much less learning is required, as all you need to know is how to set up the bot correctly throughout the life of your bookmaker account, and the behavior of bookmakers when they start. to set limitations.

Why not want your surebets software to make all possible sure bets?

Surely you have heard of the dreaded limitations . If not, I’ll summarize it for you: it’s the way bookmakers have to defend themselves against this type of professional bettors. They basically limit your ability to place bets, even not letting you make any type of bet. It is something normal and known in the sector of surebets and tipsters or forecasters.

If you decide to dedicate yourself to this professionally, you will need clients, and in this case a tool like BetOven , which allows you to work with many profiles at the same time.

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