Surebets Calculator

After reading all the information about Surebets Calculators you will realise that it is not what you need.



The evolution of Surebets Calculators

Although these tools could be useful for hobbyists years ago, they have not stopped evolving until they reach the software we have today.

What is a surebets calculator?

Basically, they are tables or software that allow us to calculate the results according to the amount and the quota we want. With this we can perform manual calculations to check that sure bets are indeed a surebet.


Surebet Calculator 2.0

The latest revolution in surebet calculators has been brought about by artificial intelligence.

If we think about it, what was a surebets calculator missing? I’m sure the answer was: find and place bets automatically.

Yes, it is now possible thanks to a sports betting bot like BetOven.

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Surebet calculators are outdated.

These tables or surebet finder have become totally outdated, odds changes and market closures are made so fast that it is frankly difficult to place a bet with this archaic method.

And bookmakers have been taking action in the face of the emergence of surebet scanners (e.g. BetOven Scanner (free) and automated surebet bots or software (e.g. BetOven).


surebet calculator 2 results

We leave you a surebets calculator with 2 results in excel for educational purposes so that you understand how these simple and archaic calculators work: Surebets calculator with 2 results

Surebet calculator 4 results

You can also find surebets calculators with more results such as surebets calculators with 4 results or surebets calculators with 3 options. But as you will see it makes no sense to use surebet calculators for more than 2 outcomes with the fluctuating odds it will be impossible to make a surebet, at least in live betting.


Why not use a surebets calculator?

There are many factors that make a surebets calculator obsolete, these are some of them:

Very slow and unsafe

Surebets appear for very short periods of time, you need to be quicker. You will only be able to make PreMatch Surebets.

Few surebets

When performing Surebets Prematch, there is not much fluctuation in odds. You will find very few arbitrations.

Formación 100% necesaria

Being a professional manual arber using surebet calculators requires intensive training beforehand.

Faster limitations

Bookmakers find it easier to find players who make pre-match surebets.

How to calculate Surebets?

Calculating surebets is already a little known task, since this task has been automated so much that it remains in the programming code of the different surebets software. Gone are the days of entering data into a table or excel to find out if what we were dealing with was a surebet or not.

It is now more important to know which are the best bookmakers for surebets, as not all bookmakers make the same amount of mistakes.

That said, we show you how to calculate a surebet manually and therefore, what calculations are saved by using a surebet calculator:

If we want to make this calculation manually we will have to make a simple sum of the inverses of the odds for each outcome of the sporting event in question.

1 / ((1 / 2,10) + (1 / 2,30)) -1 = 9,77%

Finally, if we would like to calculate how much money to invest in each event, this can also be done using the inverse of the odds:

(1 / 2,1) x 109,77% x 200€ = 104,55€

(1 / 2,3) x 109,77% x 200€ = 95,45€

By betting these amounts we would get a final profit of €19.55 regardless of the outcome of the match, betting a total of €200 and with a profit percentage of 9.77%.

After seeing this section, it may be a bit difficult for you to think about the calculations that need to be done, but don’t worry. You will not need to do any calculations if you have a surebet bot .

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