Terms and Conditions


1. By using, visiting and/or accessing any part (including, but not limited to subdomains, source code and/or API of the site, whether visible or not) of the BetHunter Service, web or mobile applications (the “Service ”) and/or registering for the Service or applications owned or operated by us, you agree to be bound by (i) these Terms and Conditions, to (ii) our privacy policy, either (iii) our cookie policy applicable to our service (jointly called all of them, the “Conditions”), accepting and understanding all the Conditions.

Please read all of the Terms and Conditions carefully and, if you choose not to accept them, do not use, download, visit or access any part (including, but not limited to subdomains, source code and/or site APIs, whether visible or not) of the Service. .

2. References to “we”, “our” and “the company” will be made in relation to ArbRoast, SL, a company incorporated in Spain with NIF B88473681 and registered office at Calle Maria de Molina 54, 5ªplanta, Madrid, Spain .

3. References to “client” or “user” will be made in relation to any person who accesses the Service.

4. The service is not a bookmaker or a gaming operator of any kind. This implies that BetHunter does not organize or offer bets of any kind to its users. BetHunter only offers its users an intermediary service between them and the operator of the BetOven application.

5. The BetOven application has its own terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookie policy that the user must read, understand and accept if they want to use it.

6. It may be necessary to modify these Terms and Conditions for a number of reasons (such as to comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements). All modifications will be posted on the Service website and customer acceptance of the modified version thereof will be required. In the event that any change is unacceptable to you, you must stop using the Service and/or close your user account.

7. The company does not guarantee or guarantee in any case the achievement of benefits through the use of the Service or any of the Services that it recommends or resells. The client is aware that by using them he may incur losses. The company will not be responsible or liable in any way for such losses.


1. The user understands that by using the Service, the company does not assume any additional obligation to inform, prevent or train him in any way for the use of the Service or other services that are recommended.

2. The company will not be responsible for any illegal activity that users may incur, especially regarding identity theft activities to gain access to bookmakers.

3. The company reserves the right not to offer its services to certain people, if it deems it appropriate, without the need to justify or give any explanation.

4. The partner will refrain from transferring the BetHunter materials, or the mere communication of their existence, to any possible competitor of BetHunter, bookmaker or representative thereof. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the partner agrees to indemnify BetHunter for damages caused in the event of breach of this point.


1. All BetHunter users must be over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to be able to register and bet at any of the bookmakers with which BetHunter or any service related or recommended by BetHunter interacts, as well as not be subject to any type of legally established prohibition. The company will not be in any way responsible for the breach of current legislation by its clients or users.

2. All information provided when registering with the bookmakers must be accurate and complete, and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the bookmakers themselves. The company will not be in any way responsible for any sanction or account suspension applied by the houses for non-compliance with this point.

3. The Service allows all its users to choose their username and password. Users must keep such information in the strictest confidence as they are responsible for any information they enter into BetHunter.

4. If, at any time, a user knows or suspects that a third party knows their password, they must change it immediately through BetHunter. If you have forgotten part or all of your username and password combination, you must contact the company for a refund.


1. In the event that a user wants to close his user account at BetHunter, he must contact the company.

2. The company reserves the right to close or suspend a user account in the event that:

(a) The user becomes insolvent;

(b) The company considers that the user has used the Service fraudulently or for illegal and/or unfair or inappropriate purposes;

(c) The company believes that the user has used the Service unfairly or has deliberately cheated or taken unfair advantage of BetHunter or any of its clients;

(d) The police, a court or any regulatory authority requires the company to do so;

(e) The user contravenes the Conditions, the applicable regulations or good uses and customs;

(f) The company considers that any of the situations mentioned in points (a) to (e) may have occurred or is likely to occur;

(g) The user account is considered inactive.

3. In the event that the company closes or suspends your user account for any of the reasons mentioned above in points (a) to (f), you will be responsible for any claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by the company (collectively, “Claims”), and you shall indemnify and repay the company such Claims.


1. BetHunter does not charge the user for the use of the BetOven application or for any other service that it recommends to the user. Any payment that the user makes is being made directly to the operator of the BetOven application or to the operator of any other service that BetHunter has recommended to him.

2. It will be the responsibility of the final beneficiaries and the partners to report their gains and losses to the tax authorities and/or other competent authorities in their jurisdiction. The company does not assume any responsibility regarding the tax obligations of its clients or beneficiaries.


1. The company will limit itself to providing information and advice on products that the user can hire.

2. The company does not accept any responsibility for possible damages, losses, or lost profits that are alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly by the Service or its content.

6. The company is exempt from all contractual and non-contractual liability (including negligence) that may have caused, directly or indirectly, the following:

  1. Loss of benefits;

  2. loss of business;

  3. loss of income;

  4. Loss of opportunities;

  5. loss of information;

  6. Reputational damage;

  7. Any other loss or damage.

Regardless of whether said losses were foreseeable by the parties at the date of signing these General Conditions.


1. The user may have to download software in order to use the services or products recommended by BetHunter. Also, some third-party vendor products may require you to agree to additional terms that govern your use of their products. The company does not accept any responsibility in relation to any third party software providers.

2. The user hereby acknowledges that it is beyond the control of the company how he uses the services or products that are recommended to him. Consequently, the customer uses said products or services at his own risk.

3. In the event that the Service contains links to other websites and resources of third parties, these will be provided exclusively for informational purposes. The company has no control over the content of such websites and resources, and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from their use. The inclusion of a link to a third party website does not imply our endorsement of the third party website, product or services.

4. The company may change or modify the services offered through the Service at any time and for any reason.


1. The company may send an electronic newsletter, in the form of emails, to the addresses provided during registration. The company is not responsible for the non-receipt of such emails, or their reclassification as spam.

2. The company may maintain a dissemination channel with its users in which it will communicate news regarding the services or products it recommends, software updates, use, conditions and others.

3. The company’s staff will strive to maintain fluid and constant communication with users. However, you will not be obliged at any time to serve them, and you will do so in the manner and time that the company decides.


1. In case of claim or dispute arising from a current or past operation, please contact us.

2. The company will try to resolve the claims coming from the clients within a period of one month from the presentation of the same.

3. In the event that it is not resolved or the client does not agree with the solution given by the company, both parties may refer the dispute to a competent arbitration body.

4. By accepting these terms and conditions and/or making use of the services of the company (whether through the Service or otherwise) and/or by using, visiting and/or accessing any part (including, but not limited to subdomains, source code and/or API of the site, whether visible or not) of the Service, you irrevocably agree that the Spanish courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in determining any dispute arising from or in relation to these Conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the company has the right to take action against the client in a court of the country where the client resides, if this is other than Spain.


1. The company may collaborate with third parties in order to offer a better and more complete service to its users. The use of these additional services may imply the acceptance of terms and conditions unrelated to BetHunter, for whose observation, acceptance and compliance the person using said services will be responsible.

2. The company does not assume any responsibility, nor does it acquire any commitment, by exposing said services, in front of those who consume them. We do not assume any obligation regarding the form or quality of them.


1. The user acknowledges and agrees to respect the content of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy, and any additional guide or rule included in the Service, without prejudice to any individual agreement that may have been reached. with the company.

2. If any provision contained in these Terms and Conditions is recognized as invalid or not applicable by a court or by a competent administrative body, such invalidity or non-applicability will not affect the other provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions, which will remain in force. vigor.

3. The company will not be responsible for deficiencies or delays in the fulfillment of its obligations in cases and circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to: any failure in the communications network, power failures, hardware or software failures. of third-party computers, fires, lightning, explosions, floods, severe weather, strikes or lockouts, terrorist activities and acts of the competent government authorities that make it impossible or difficult to operate. In such circumstances, the performance time will be extended for a period equivalent to the period in which the performance of said obligation has not taken place.

4. The Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy, and any document expressly mentioned in them and any guide or rule exposed in the Service, constitute an integral part of these General Conditions and will have full effect, as if they made up these Terms and Conditions. .

5. The validity of these Terms and Conditions will be indefinite until the user or the company cancel or terminate the General Conditions or until the company modifies them, for which the express acceptance of the client of the modified version of the same will be necessary. so that the changes have an effect on the client and the company.