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A bookie or bookmaker is basically a bookmaker. It is the technical name given to anyone who offers the option of risking money in sports with previously set fees. Don’t know which one to start with? Take a look at this post: With which bookmakers to start making surebets

The word surebet comes from English and translates as sure bet .

Through a combination of bets on the different results of a certain sporting event, a sure profit is obtained, regardless of the final result.

You can find a lot of information about surebets in our blog post: What are surebets?

They are bets whose quota is higher than the probability that this result will occur. That is to say, it is a bet much better paid by the bookmakers than it should be.

These types of bets are much more profitable than surebets, but they carry risks. If we are unlucky, we could have a long period of losses. On the contrary, statistically they will make us win in the long run.

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They arise thanks to the differences in the odds quotes between the different bookmakers. Each bookmaker establishes odds that fluctuate continuously, depending on the probability of the result. In certain cases these odds are calculated incorrectly, allowing the investor to bet with an advantage. You want to know more? Click here

As we have already said, surebets are mathematically safe bets, however they have some minimal risks associated with them that you should be aware of:

– In the sporting event, abnormal situations may occur such as a player’s injury or the suspension of a match, which lead the bookmakers to cancel a bet. Each bookmaker has its own rules to deal with this type of situation, and there may be a mismatch between the rules of one and another.

– Some bookmakers can void certain bets if they detect a very serious error in the odds of a certain bet. This can leave us with a bet on one of the uncovered bookie.

– The odds are updated very quickly, in some cases a bet may be made in one of the houses and it cannot be covered in the other. An open bet, when surebets are being made, is statistically profitable (known as a valuebet), but involves risk.

The important thing about these risks is that they occur very rarely, allowing us to cover the losses caused by one of these problems with the rest of the surebets made. So you can rest easy!

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It’s very simple, choose our free trial and we’ll guide you through the process. First, you will be able to win €25 in bets for free and once you take the test we will provide you with the way to continue with BetOven by buying more points.

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To find and place surebets automatically we use the BetOven software. This, once installed on your computer, automatically searches and places bets at bookmakers with the settings you establish. It is the easiest way to make surebets, and the most passive. You can earn money while you sleep…

Yes, BetOven is designed to monetize those bonuses. Also, if you win money thanks to betting bonuses, BetOven will not count them as winnings and you will not lose points. For example, if you win €600 in a bookie, of which €100 is a bonus and €500 thanks to BetOven, only 50,000 points will be lost.

No, to place bets manually, you will need to stop it first. From BetHunter we recommend this practice, if you are used to betting, since this practice can extend the life of the accounts.

On the other hand, at BetHunter we recommend only betting knowing what you are doing, and if possible, with the help of a professional. If you want to learn more about sports betting, visit our blog.

No way. The bets that you make will not be computed in the profit calculations made by BetOven, neither for nor against. However, to avoid any type of problem, such as simultaneous IP connections, software problems, etc., we always recommend stopping BetOven before placing any type of manual bet.

It is perfectly normal that you limit your account. After all, if you use BetOven it means that you are a winning customer. Send the bookmaker the documents they request to verify your account, and withdraw your money. Then open an account at any of the other bookmakers that BetOven works with, and start over.

We are talking about limitations, when a specific client of a certain bookmaker cannot place bets of such a high amount as any other user would.

They are caused by many factors, but all of them are related to one idea: Bookmakers do not want winning players in their ranks, they only want losers. When they discover that you are a different customer than usual, they will try to get rid of you.

If you want to know much more about limitations, visit our blog: What are limitations?

They do this to prevent identity theft. They can block you thinking that someone is using your identity fraudulently.

Bookmakers have had to carry out this type of protocol to avoid account traffic, a practice that BetHunter rejects.

To unlock your account, the bookmakers will ask you for proof that you really are who you say you are, such as photocopies of your ID, a document that verifies your residence, a selfie… Once the data is verified, they will give you full access to your account to make the withdrawal. of benefits.

For more information go to our blog.

Yes, BetOven is prepared to work with Spanish bookmakers. But this does not imply that bets cannot be placed from abroad. You will only need to use the automatic proxy offered by the software, or the connection through BetOven ‘s ProxyApp application for Android.

Correct, you cannot run our surebets and valuebets bot on a powered off computer. If you don’t want to leave your computer on all the time, you can use a VPS. A VPS is nothing more than a computer in the cloud, which you can access by remote desktop, from your mobile and or from another computer.

You have more information on working with BetOven within a VPS at the following link: Hire a VPS to work with BetOven

They are totally legal. After all, you are only placing bets at various bookmakers following a winning strategy, why should it be illegal?

Furthermore, surebets, or as we also call them, sports arbitrage, are nothing more than a form of financial arbitrage on the sports betting market. Financial arbitration is not only legal but is also promoted by the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores).

These are surebets made in several steps. This occurs when the bookmaker acting as a reference is limited by maximum stake and only allows us to place bets with a certain maximum value.

To solve this problem BetOven places several bets on that limited bookmaker, to complete the total of the planned bet prior to the limitation.

You can see more information with examples in the following article: Surebet Multistep

It is a question that all bethunters ask themselves sooner or later. We are entering our bookmaker credentials and do not want to share these details with anyone. Don’t worry, BetOven encrypts all this data with the encryption key you create when you first start your profile. This key is not stored on their servers ensuring the privacy of your profile.


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