How to calculate the probability of a bet?

If you’ve ever wondered how to calculate the probability on a bet, you’ve come to the right place. Probability is a key concept in the world of betting, and understanding it can make the difference between success and failure in your predictions. In this article, we’ll explain in simple terms how to calculate odds on sports, casino and other events, as well as some strategies to improve your chances of winning.

Understanding probability in betting

Probability is a value that indicates how likely it is that an event will occur.. It is usually expressed as a percentage or a fraction, where 100% or 1 represents absolute certainty and 0% or 0 represents total impossibility. In betting, the probability determine how much you stand to win if you get your prediction right.

How to calculate the probability

To calculate the odds of a bet, the odds offered by bookmakers must be considered. Odds indicate the relationship between the amount you have to bet and the amount you can win. There are different quota formats, such as fractional (used in the UK), decimal (common in Europe) and American (in the US).

Fractional odds: The probability is expressed as a fraction (e.g. 3/1). To calculate it as a percentage, use the formula: Probability = (1 / (fraction + 1)) * 100.

Decimal odds: The probability is calculated with the formula: Probability = (1 / odds) * 100.

American odds: The probability is calculated differently depending on whether the odds are positive or negative. For positive odds: Probability = (100 / (odds + 100)) * 100. For negative odds: Probability = (odds / (odds – 100)) * 100.

Strategies to improve your chances of winning

Now that you know how to calculate the odds of a bet, it’s time to share some strategies that can help you improve your chances of winning:

Compare fees

Not all bookmakers offer the same odds. Comparing them will allow you to find the best opportunities and increase your potential earnings.

Odds comparison is an essential part of successful betting strategies, as odds vary between bookmakers and can affect your potential winnings. A smart bettor will always look for the most favourable odds before placing a bet.

By using a platform like BetHunter, you can save time and effort in searching for odds on different websites and, at the same time, improve your chances of winning by finding the highest odds available for a particular event. This makes the difference in the long run in terms of profitability and success in sports betting.

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Managing your bankroll

Setting a budget and sticking to it is essential to avoid excessive losses. In addition, diversifying your bets and betting only a small part of your bankroll on each event will help you minimise your risk.