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Sports betting: Safe strategies

The world of sports betting is one of the
sectors that generate more emotions and money. Normally, it is the house that is
has the best part, but what if there was a way to correct that
trend in our favor? This is precisely what we are going to deal with today.
thanks to safe strategies.

It happens to all of us, when it comes to facing the betting app we activate the predictor mode, always trying to balance hunches, predilections and common sense. The result, we leave it to chance and, if we are lucky, we win the bet.

But we all know that keeping those feelings at bay doesn’t
It is always possible. Even less when it comes to placing a sports bet
based solely on intuition, leaving aside the statistical part, the
forecasts and automated systems capable of applying safe strategies such as
the surebets or valuebets .

We are going to address safe strategies, to present you with a new way to automate your bets and make them as profitable as possible . We will go through surebets and valuebets, so you can see how easy it can be to maintain a winning strategy.

What are safe strategies?

Carrying out a safe strategy in sports betting is synonymous with obtaining benefits regardless of the result , while the risk of loss is minimized as much as possible.

Obviously, there are conservative, aggressive, simple or even strategies capable of covering all the results to avoid the greatest number of setbacks or aspects that could make you lose the bet.

The betting houses know perfectly well of their existence, but they cannot do anything to prevent them since the Law does not consider them illegal . At most they can classify you as a professional bettor and limit your actions so that you get tired of them.

A few years ago, the common procedure to carry out this type of safe strategy was completely manual, which involved stealing all your time and attention. Now everything has changed. Also, who would spend all day pointing and comparing odds from different bookmakers having computerized alternatives?

Now with a simple program you can define the parameters, set the betting limit and let it work on autopilot , creating new bets at its discretion and automatically determining the profit.

Surebets, bet on the winning horse

Surebets are sure bets , predictions that you make where, whatever happens, you are guaranteed to make a profit on the total amount invested. For this, it is necessary to have certain knowledge and tools that allow you to put them into practice, since not everyone knows them or has time to constantly compare the odds.

As a general rule, more than one bookmaker is needed to know the amount of their odds and establish the optimal profit margin in any of the possible results . The more information you have at your fingertips, the better.

For example, in soccer games you have three possibilities, in tennis or basketball you have two. A surebet will base its success on locating the best odds for the possible outcomes and letting you know which ones you will make a profit on, win, tie or lose.

Surebet Example on BetOven Software

In the world of sports betting, a safe strategy such as surebet implies making a profit , even if it is small, for each of the bets you make. Now imagine its effectiveness if we apply it in an automated system.

Valuebets, odds that trigger sports betting

On the other hand, the valuebets are the so-called value bets , that is, those odds that, due to error or risk of the house itself, have a higher price than usual. This type of value bets provides even more benefits than surebets , although they are much more complex to locate without the proper means.

We are talking about safe strategies , not predictions that we leave to chance. Data, figures and all kinds of odds have to be studied in a matter of seconds to provide the safest possible forecast.

In this case, exactly the same thing happens as with surebets, this type of safe strategy requires a system that allows you to locate the variations between the odds in real time , allowing you to place the sports bet before it is corrected.

Now everything is much easier, with resources such as the software we have developed, BetOven , specifically designed to carry out safe strategies such as valuebets or surebets in a completely automated and effective way.

Example of Valuebet at BetOven

BetOven sports betting software

The convenience of having specialized sports betting software is total, but making it easy to use and even has 100% automation is an aspect that is undoubtedly worth recommending for you to try.

software surebets windows

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We all like to bet on our favorite team, follow our hunches and enjoy the joy it brings when the bet is won. But what if you could accumulate profits by following a safe strategy? What if you could do it automatically thanks to a program while you are doing other things?

BetOven is precisely the answer to all these issues and many more. The world of sports betting is constantly evolution, its odds vary every minute and makes it almost impossible for us to use valuebets and surebets in a way that is not automated.

With a really simple and intuitive interface, you have everything you need to define your safe strategy and let the program takes care of the work for you. The main advantage that comes automate the process is accessibility to bookmakers and their mediators , since it is here where all the quotas must be known to identify the opportunities.

BetOven does it, search, analyze, compare and choose with analytical criterion what is the best quota and sporting event to make your bet in seconds. This action repeated several times a day will do nothing else. that generate income in your accounts.

Advantages of automating your sports betting

It is clear that the risk margin when placing your sports bets is a factor that will always be there and you must keep in mind. With BetOven and safe strategies what we do is reduce it as much as possible .

In addition to reversing the profit/loss trend in our favor, we eliminate countless conditions that could leave our forecast to chance . We are talking about sports betting based solely on your preferences and estimates.

With an automated system, we leave aside all these subjective issues to focus on the odds that the bookmakers provide. Analysis, determination and selection of the best option . This is how BetOven works and this is how it provides those impressive results with safe strategies.

Now it’s just a matter of trying it out, knowing what its features are and what potential it can offer you. Its automation allows you to configure any of its parameters and watch it work live.


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