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Betwasp vs BetOven

PROS and CONS of Betburger (Betwasp) software vs. BetOven Currently, in the world of sports arbitration and valuebets, the fastest have an advantage, which is why BetOven has been automating the entire process of searching for and making surebets for years. Betburger, on the other hand, continued to improve its snitch software to provide the …

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Work with BetOven in VirtualBox

Why can it be useful for you to work with a Windows virtual machine with BetOven installed? You’ve probably heard of “virtual machines” before, or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of them. A virtual machine is basically software capable of loading one operating system inside another. I’ll give you a simple example: …

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Download and install BetOven

Welcome to the BetOven guide, below we will show you how to download and install the necessary BetOven files! Do you prefer to see it on video? Otherwise, continue reading: The first step before downloading BetOven will be to check your Windows system. Do you know what your version of Windows is? Don’t worry, let’s …

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The Statistics Dashboard

The Statistics panel is the area of BetHunter from which you can control, in real time, data on the performance of your investments such as: the estimated profit, the number of bets made, the balances of your bookies, and much more. Taking advantage of the avalanche of questions that the launch of this new section …

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