Is there money to be made in sports betting?

The quick answer is yes, sports betting is a great way to make money if you have a method or strategy. In addition, there are betting methods that are flexible enough that you don’t need any special knowledge or training to get started.

Whether you are a casual fan or a lifelong match watcher, you can generate income. Fortunately, getting started in sports betting does not require a great deal of capital or technical skills.

In this article we tell you about the most effective methods to win money in sports betting.

Sports arbitrage or surebets

Sports arbitrage (also called Surebets) betting means betting on all possible outcomes within a single event.

This requires an account with several bookmakers, as this method is based on tracking errors or mismatches in the odds of the same event between the different bookmakers in order to be able to bet safely on all possible outcomes and, in this way, win money whatever happens in the match.

This type of betting is usually done with the help of specialised software such as BetOven.

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Matched betting

This method is a variant of the previous version that is based on taking advantage of the different welcome or loyalty bonuses offered by bookmakers in a profitable way.

Using mathematical techniques, 2 opposite bets are placed on the same event. For example, in option A you bet at a bookmaker that Real Madrid will win the next match against Barcelona, and in option B, the opposite, you bet against Real Madrid winning the match against Barcelona. In this way, you will get one bet for and one bet against on the same match, so at one bookmaker you will win and at another you will lose, but you will have won or helped to release the bonus offered by the bookmaker, so despite staying the same or almost the same on the Real Madrid – Barcelona bets, you will have won the bonus money.


Hire professional tipsters

Tipster, in the jargon of the world, means something like “professional bettor”. They are people who dominate and/or have privileged information about a market, competition or sport; and are able to “beat the bookmakers” by betting, without using any extra tools beyond their knowledge and a good system of bankroll management and stake allocations.

There are several websites or telegram profiles that offer their services, where for a fee, the tipster provides and recommends their own bets in real time so that subscribers can copy them and earn money in the long run as they do themselves.

Gambling using your own knowledge

Finally, there is the option of learning a professional betting system, with its proper bankroll management and staking system as used by tipsters, and betting on your own, using your own knowledge. By becoming an expert in the sport you know best and betting on the type of betting you are most familiar with, you can ensure you make good analysis and be profitable and even become a tipster.

To do this, analyse every bet you make: don’t be impulsive and don’t get carried away by emotion. Before placing any bet you should take note, make a detailed assessment of the situation of the teams, the league… and, once you have established your odds by means of the stake, you can place the bet.

And, not least, you need to establish how much money you can spend on bets (this is called bankroll management).