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What is the betting yield? | What is considered a good yield?

It is likely that if you have been betting on sports for some time you have heard the term Yield on more than one occasion, however , would you know how to define it correctly? What do you think it is used for and why is it so popular?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions and to which we will try to answer them. And it is that, sometimes, we see terms that we do not know and ignore if they do not intervene in our sports bets. However, the Yield in bets is a fundamental aspect .

It is very easy to enter your favorite bookmaker and bet on any of the hundreds of odds they offer on countless sporting events. Now, would you be able to deduce exactly what is the percentage of benefits obtained in your last bet? Let’s find out.

What is the Yield in a bet?

Before knowing what the Yield of a bet is, I will tell you what it is not, since there are not a few who confuse this term with the net profit of their sports bets . When we calculate the Yield of a bet we do not obtain the total amount received from the win.

Let’s imagine that we have bet on team A and we have been successful, obtaining a net profit of €4. For calculate the Yield of the bet We will only have to divide this amount by the amount initially wagered, we will say €20. And finally multiply it by 100.

To calculate it we have to apply a small and very simple mathematical formula , which is what will provide us with a result in the form of a percentage. This data is precisely the Yield, the benefit obtained based on the money invested.


The result you get will be a percentage of your bet,
that will indicate the profitability you have achieved based on the amount
wagered and the profit margin obtained . If we follow the example
above, we will divide the €4 between the €20 wagered and multiply by 100,
giving a positive result of 20%.

Therefore, knowing the Yield of your bets is a
really interesting aspect if you want to control the rhythm when
that your earnings are growing and, if the opposite happens, you can also
detect strategy failures to rectify before losing everything.

And yes, in case you are thinking about it, the Yield can also
be negative , which will be a sign that your strategies are not
working as they should. Perhaps because you are getting carried away by the
feelings rather than statistics, which is why it is always
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What is considered a good Yield?

Obviously, any type of negative Yield that you obtain will basically tell you that your betting procedure is yielding negative results, that is, you are losing money . In the medium term, it would be unfeasible to be able to continue with any activity unless you deposit new funds.

In order to consider a good Yield as the average of your bets, you have to focus on the priorities and objectives that each of us has. Of course, any positive betting Yield above 0 is a good sign and a reason to see how your capital is increasing.

Now , from what Yield will we consider that it is a very good bet or strategy? Obtaining an approximate margin of 5% profitability is more than satisfactory for the vast majority of sports betting lovers.

Maintaining that percentage over that figure would be great, although complicated if you maintain a manual rhythm and what you want is to maximize your safe bets , those in which you only contemplate winning regardless of the result.

However, to consider a good Yield in betting , it would be appropriate to exceed values such as 10% , where the profit margin increases and the bets you make yield a much more perceptible return on each of the movements you make.

How to increase the Yield of your bets?

As expected, To increase the Yield of a bet, it is necessary to increase the profit margin you obtain on your result. That is, you will need to know the market shares and make an average of the values and results that you have been obtaining during a certain period of time.

The individual Yield does not serve this purpose, since you will only obtain an individual data on your last bet made. To fully understand its meaning, it is necessary to calculate it over several bets and average its result .

If what you want is to increase it, you can do it as well as make sure that you always bet on the winning horse, that is, by making  valuebets  Y  surebets  to ensure that profit is not lost from your equation.

The Yield will increase considerably as you manage to win more forecasts. And I will tell you one thing: luck is a factor that we do not control or measure, so I recommend that you use the same tools that the bookmakers themselves use: mathematics and technology bet on insurance. And this is why I recommend BetOven, a software specially designed to automate the betting process while guaranteeing us a fantastic Yield, both in surebets and in valuebets. For example: the yield obtained last month (April 2022) in surebets was 6.75% and in the case of valuebets 17.45%. 

BetOven simplifies the task of controlling your sports bets , you will control the Yield in a more detailed way while guaranteeing the maximum success in your new forecasts thanks to the fact that this program only makes winning sports bets , that is, it uses algorithms to locate and take advantage of surebets and value bets.

Higher Betting Yield, Higher Profits

And since you already know the importance of maintaining a high Yield, perhaps now is the time to apply everything you have learned and put your cards on the table. Gambling is a passion and, if we can get economic performance out of it, even better, don’t you think?

If you want to continue placing your sports bets manually, go ahead. The thrill of staying on edge until the end of matches knowing that until the last minute all the chances of winning or losing are still active, should also be enjoyed from time to time.

Now, if what you were worried about was the losses in your bets, how to increase the Yield in your next forecasts and what strategy to use to also increase the average of hits, we invite you to discover the wonders of BetOven , a system exclusively designed so that your bets are always winners.

With it in your possession, the Yield will only be one more piece of information with which to boast of successes and benefits . BetOven brings together all the necessary tools and data to make your sports bets always profitable.


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