How do I know if a bet is a surebet?

A surebet is a bet in which you win for sure, regardless of the final outcome of the event, by betting on all possible outcomes of that particular event. To achieve this and to identify if the bet we want to place is a Surebet, we have several ways to do it:

1. Calculating the quotas manually

To do so, we must divide by 1 the different odds available for the target event, and then add up the results. If that final sum is less than 1, we have found a Surebet.

For example: In a football match of the typical 1X2 market, we have odds of:

  • 1@ 2,20
  • X@ 3,60
  • 2@ 5,00

We must calculate it:

Profit= (1 / 2,20) + (1 / 3,60) + (1 / 5,00) = 0,45 + 0,28 + 0,20 = 0,93

As we can see, it gives a result less than 1 (0.93), so we know that in this event we will be able to make a surebet.

The next step would be to calculate the percentage odds, this allows us to know exactly how much we should bet on each option.

For this purpose, we use the following formula:

Percentage of payments = 1 / 0,93 = 1,07 x 100 = 107%

Assigned probabilities:

  • 1 / 2,20 = 0,45 x 107 = 48,75%
  • 1 / 3,60 = 0,28 x 107 = 29,79%
  • 1 / 5,00 = 0,20 x 107 = 21,45%

With the results obtained, we could say that, for example, with a bankroll of £100; the exact amounts to bet on each option would be as follows:

  • 1= £48,75
  • X= £29,79
  • 2 = £21,45

This would give us a profit of £7.25, irrespective of the outcome of the match, giving us a profit percentage of 7.25%.

2. Identifying surebets by intuition and experience

Experience, as in any facet of life, is a degree. So, if we already have knowledge of frequent odds that allow surebets, for example, if a bookmaker offers us an odds of 2 and another bookmaker an odds of 2.10 in the same market; we will already know at first glance that we are facing a surebet.

3. Using software that automatically finds and calculates surebets for you

The danger of looking for and identifying Surebets manually, apart from the fact that finding them is almost impossible due to the multitude of matches, data and events that exist, is that surebets do not usually last very long, as the system is based on taking advantage of errors and mismatches of the bookmakers, so that when they realise this, they immediately correct the odds. This means that where there was a surebet a moment ago, soon there is no surebet and it becomes a losing bet. Even covering all options

To avoid this, and if you want to dedicate yourself to surebets, it makes sense to rely on software or tracking bots, as they are tools dedicated to analyse all the markets of all bookmakers to find Surebets, and even bet on them automatically, such as BetOven.


These tools greatly facilitate the search for Surebets, allowing us to optimise our investment, and earn much more money in less time, without having to worry about calculating and finding Surebets manually.

These tools are often paid for or charge a commission on the profits made from them, but they are worth the investment for the work they save you and the potential profits they can earn you. Something that would be extremely complicated and difficult to achieve without them.

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