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Pokerstars, available at BetOven

Good news for our hunters, we now have a new bookie available at BetOven so that sports arbitration doesn’t stop!

Surely you have already heard about it on our social networks, but yes, it is indeed Pokerstars, the famous online poker room from Canada.

They got their license to operate in Spain in 2014, and since then they have only strengthened their position as the largest community of online poker players, controlling more than 2/3 of the world market.

surebets at pokerstars

They give you a welcome bonus of 100 euros that, as you know, our program is designed to make profitable. In addition, we do not include in our accounts what you earn thanks to the bonuses.

Little is known about the results of this new bookie in limitations and withdrawals other than that you will be charged fees for withdrawal with electronic bank transfer.

What we do know is that the results obtained in the initial tests have been very interesting and satisfactory! ??

So, don’t wait any longer to continue increasing your profits!

Run, open BetOven now and connect your Pokerstars, the best surebets available have your name!