What are surebets or betting arbitrage?


The word surebet comes from English and literally means sure bet . References to the subject can also be found on other sites under the name of ‚Äú sports arbitrage ‚ÄĚ.

It consists of taking advantage of a possible difference in criteria between the quotes of different betting exchanges., betting on all possible outcomes of a sporting match, and thus making a sure profit. That is, a surebet produces benefits regardless of how the match ends.

Simple surebet example

Like everything in life, it is easier to understand what a surebet is with a clear and easy example:

Imagine a match R. Madrid – Barcelona in which we make two different bets in two different bookmakers:

  • We bet ‚ā¨100 on bet365 that R. Madrid will win or draw. In this case, the odds will be 2.1.
  • We bet ‚ā¨100 on Sportium that Barcelona will win. In this case, the odds will be 2.3.

In all the possible results of the match we will earn money. Of course, more than invested as you see in the graph.

Here is a video of it in a more entertaining way:

How to calculate a surebet?

There are quite a few services dedicated to flagging surebets that occur within sporting events.
These services are surebet scanners or surebet calculators that constantly read the odds published by bookmakers for the same event, and compare them with each other to calculate whether they are sure bets. As we will explain later, there is a surebets software, which not only finds surebets, but also makes them for you… its name is BetOven.
If we want to make this calculation manually we will have to make a simple sum of the inverses of the odds for each outcome of the sporting event in question. If the final result is less than 1, it is possible to make a surebet.

Continuing with the previous example, we perform the calculation described above:

(1 / 2.10) + (1 / 2.30) = 0.48 + 0.43 = 0.91

Since 0.91 is less than 1, we know that we are dealing with a surebet, so if we wanted to calculate the profitability of this operation, we would do it like this:

1 / 0.91 = 1.09 = 109%

The final return would therefore be 9%. We subtract 100% (which represents the capital invested), and we keep the remaining 9%.

Finally, if we wanted to calculate how much money to invest in each event (that R.Madrid wins or that there is a draw, that Barcelona wins), it can also be achieved using the inverse of the odds. Continuing with the previous example:

1 / 2.10 = 0.48 x 109 = 52.32%

1 / 2.30 = 0.43 x 109 = 43.87%

The results appear in percentage because they represent the percentage of our bank that we will have to dedicate to each outcome. With a bank of ‚ā¨100, the amounts to bet on each result would be:

Bet on bet365 (R.Madrid win or tie) = ‚ā¨52.32

Bet on sportium (Barcelona wins) = ‚ā¨43.87

By betting these amounts we would obtain a final benefit of 9 euros regardless of the result of the match, betting a total of 100 euros and with a profit percentage of 9%.

After seeing this section, it may be a bit difficult for you to think about the calculations that need to be done, but don’t worry. You will not need to do any calculations if you have a surebet bot .

Where can surebets be found?

Safe sports bets can be found on virtually any sport before and mainly during events. The existence of many markets means that there are many crosses between bets that allow you to find surebets. The sports in which we can find the most surebets are soccer, tennis and basketball.

Sports in which to make surebets

The sports in which we can make surebets with BetOven are:

  • volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • table tennis

Types of markets in which to find surebets

There are many markets when it comes to placing bets. Although it is true that the clearest option when it comes to betting is to combine the Team1 and Team2 markets, or UNDER and OVER, there are other markets in which we can find very good surebets, sometimes even better than the previous ones.

Markets can be combined to cover all possible outcomes of the event with just two bets. We can also find surebets with European and Asian handicaps, even combining them with the previous markets.

It is important to know these markets, since many of them can mean the same thing. However, in some bookmakers they do not have the same odds, therefore it is important to know these compatibility in order to get the most out of your safe bet.

How is a surebet made?

The normal thing is to make a surebet in two steps : first the bet is placed in the less stable bookmaker and once this bet has been made, the second bet is attempted in the more stable bookmaker .

The reason is simple, odds change faster at less stable bookmakers , so we have less time to place bets, so we place them first. Imagine that you make the two bets at the same time, and it turns out that the less stable house changes its odds, you will not be able to change anything.

Is it legal to make surebets?

Of course, we are used to thinking that when something is too good or when it seems to be done easily and simply, there is something illegal behind it. This is not the case, making surebets is not only legal, but is considered positive for the market.

Making surebets is nothing more than a form of arbitrage, as in the financial field, with forex arbitrage.

This practice is also legal, promoted by the CNMV since it favors price adjustment, a beneficial adjustment for the market and for end customers.

Ok, I know it’s legal to make surebets, but is it legal to do it through software?


Of course, there is no law preventing the use of software to find safe bets and place them.

After all, do you think they don’t use them? Among other things, to reduce the appearance of safe bets, or to find players, professionals/winners and apply limitations on them.

Is there anything illegal in this sector of surebets?

There is nothing illegal.

Sometimes identity theft in bookmakers has been linked to the use of surebets software and scanners. Since in these modalities you can work in parallel with many bookmakers at the same time.

For example: in the case of BetOven, you can work with several profiles at the same time on a single computer.

In the past, there have been many cases where people have used bought or stolen IDs to create accounts without the identities themselves realising it. However, it is something that has always been related to the betting world in general, when a player is limited by the bookie.


At present it would be practically impossible to do something like this due to multiple factors:

  • Bookmakers are required to verify that money withdrawals are made to bank accounts or electronic wallets in the name of the player. That is, if a third person has access to your account at the bookmaker, they will not be able to withdraw this money to their account either.
  • The verifications of the bookmakers are now much more exhaustive than before, sometimes they ask for other documents that guarantee that you are who you say you are.
  • In BetOven the data is encrypted with a key that only you can know, preventing even BetOven from knowing the identity of the connected accounts.

If you want to manage accounts, I recommend that you establish a written contract with your client that exempts you from any subsequent complaint on their part. Imagine that a broker did not have a contract with its clients…

What are automated Surebets?

It is a fairly new term in the safe betting sector, since it is nothing more than the natural evolution of classic surebets calculators and surebets sneaks.

Basically it is about making safe bets automatically, using betting software or bots that allow you to scan, find and make these surebets based on certain preconfigured parameters.

A clear example of a surebets bot is BetOven , allowing you to place 100% automated safe bets between numerous Spanish bookmakers, you just have to start it on your computer and wait to see the results.


If you are interested in this content, you might be interested in trying BetOven for free, earning ‚ā¨25 for free ūüėČ.

Are surebets 100% safe?

Although it sounds like a sellout product, I have to tell you that yes, surebets are totally safe . Now, is making surebets totally safe?

Indeed, making surebets carries a risk: making them correctly. After all, these opportunities are not easy to find and soon disappear when bookmakers correct their odds, to avoid losing money on value bets for the user, I remind you that they are there to make money in this case against you. .

When we make a sure bet, we have to quickly place at least two bets at two different bookmakers .

What happens if I don't finish placing a surebet?

This event will occur when one of the two bookmakers has changed its quota , has closed that specific market in which you intended to bet or when the specific bookie does not let you bet as much money as you needed (what we call limitation ).

In this case, you will have made a singlebet (single bet) that can make you win money or lose it. Is this simple bet a value bet? The reality is that no, since you do not know which bookmaker is the one that has made the mistake. It may have been made by the more stable or less stable house, so you don’t know if your value bet will be the first or second time bet.

Here I show you the difference:


This will happen when one of the two bookmakers has changed their odds, closed that particular market you intended to bet on or when the particular bookie does not let you bet as much money as you needed (what we call limiting).

In this case, you will have made a singlebet (single bet) that can make you win money or lose it. Is this simple bet a value bet? The reality is that no, since you do not know which bookmaker is the one that has made the mistake. It may have been made by the more stable or less stable house, so you don’t know if your value bet will be the first or second time bet.

In most cases, the value bet will be found in the less stable bookmaker, since these types of bookmakers risk more in establishing their odds, hence they fluctuate faster. The strategy of these more unstable bookmakers is precisely to give better odds to their clients, this being the main advantage for their clients.

However, I cannot tell you that in the long run the mathematical expectation is going to be positive for you. Since singlebets are made when you don’t properly close a surebet, it may or may not be a valuebet.

One way to reduce the risk of losing money when you have a singlebet is to close it by turning it into a negative surebet, but I will explain this in more detail in another post.

There is also the possibility that the odds continue to fluctuate, to the point that what ceased to be a surebet, becomes one again after a few seconds or minutes. After all, most of the surebets made are live (while the match is taking place) and they can return the previous odds, or even improve them by obtaining an even better surebet.

These last two procedures are done by our favorite automated surebet software, so sometimes what was a singlebet can become a surebet, even a better profit percentage, or a negative surebet if we have configured the singlebets closing parameter.

What is a negative surebet?

It is a fairly new concept, they occur when we close a singlebet assuming certain losses, smaller than those that a singlebet would produce if it were lost. Basically what we do in this case is to reduce the risk of losing money by betting on the second bookmaker, even if the odds have changed and the surebet ceases to exist.

Configure BetOven to perform negative surebets instead of singlebets.

What is the big con of making surebets?

Limitations in bookmakers, although this subject will be discussed in more detail in other blog posts, is the big problem with surebets. That the bookmaker will end up limiting you permanently sooner or later, without the possibility of being able to play at that bookmaker again for the rest of your life.

But let’s face it, too many people don’t want to use their bookmakers at all. Why not manage your accounts? In this way you will not have a limit when it comes to earning money with safe bets.