Today I’m going to give you 3 real strategies to win at sports betting.. Many people ask themselves this question, how to win in sports betting and the basic concept of these 3 strategies that I am going to tell you about is that we will treat them as an investment and not as a chance.. And if we want to make a good investment, the first thing we must do is to work with all the facts on the table. And let’s face it, most players play with very little data and follow their gut feeling. They practically play roulette with their money….

And I will tell you that very few roulette players in history have ever won money on a continuous basis over time. And those who did so relied on mathematics and statistics, such as the Pelayo family.

And I’ll tell you one thing, bookmakers make a lot of money and intend to continue to do so…so winning them is a difficult task.

They have more money than you, so they have bots, traders and scouts inside the games to check that their odds don’t make them lose.

And if you still win, they will end up “limiting your bookmaker” or, as the English put it, banning your account. What do I mean by this?

Basically, if they don’t kick you out, they will use all sorts of tricks to stop you from betting at their bookmaker.

Some of the most famous ruses are, reduce the money you can bet to a given event, increase the time spent from the time you propose your bet until they accept it or not, allowing them to adjust their odds earlier, not letting you even betor that you maximum stake is £0.00.

So, if bookmakers allow you to continue betting, it is basically because they know that your strategies will lead you to lose money in the short or long term..

Top 3 strategies to win at sports betting

OK, you’ve made it clear that I’m screwed, but you’ve promised me 3 strategies to make money betting, haven’t you?

There are indeed, and that’s why you’ll end up being kicked out, I’ll tell you that in advance, but by then you’ll have made money, which is what we’ve come here to do in the end.

There are 3 effective techniques to make money betting on sports:

  • Matched Betting
  • Surebets
  • Valuebets

1. Matched betting

Matched betting basically consists of taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered by bookmakers and betting on all possible outcomes of an that you always get one right. And trying to secure the winnings that come from using these bonuses that bookmakers give you.

To do this you will need your expertise and to look for all the offers that bookmakers provide you with. There are tools that tell you how much and what you have to bet on to help you with the procedure.


In addition, according to the latest laws you must register at least 1 month in advance at bookmakers to receive them, forget about those succulent welcome bonuses that bookmakers used to give us when we registered with them.

bonos de bienvenida

I will now show you a simple example of matchebetting to help you understand it better:

Imagine that one of the bookmakers gives us a £30 bonus with certain conditions, we meet those conditions and place a bet, for example on a Nadal vs Federer match.

We bet £30 (the bonus that the bookmaker has given us) that Nadal wins the match and we place a second bet of £30 (in this case our money) at another bookmaker and whatever happens in the match we will receive a profit that will be higher or lower depending on the odds of each bookmaker.

2. Surebets

The second technique is the one I like the most, the surebets, also called sports arbitrage sports arbitrage. They are based on the same concept as financial arbitrage and are closely related to the previous concept of matched betting, as they are about bet on all possible outcomes of an event and make a profit no matter what happens in the match, with the difference that you are not dependent on bonuses and promotions.

If you want to see this surebet concept in more detail, I recommend you to watch this video in which I explain it in more detail.

However, I will show you an example to help you understand better:

Imagine a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in which one of the bookmakers makes a mistake and the odds are 2.1 to Madrid win or draw at Bet365 and 2.3 to Barcelona win at Sportium.

If with a total investment of £200 we bet £100 on each of the bookmakers, no matter what happens we make a profit.

In the event of a draw or win for Madrid we will make £10 profit, £210 profit minus £200 initial investment and in the event of a win for Barcelona we will make £30 profit, £230 profit minus £200 initial investment.

As you can see, in both cases we make money from the operation.


Now you may be wondering, how is this possible, if bookmakers control their odds so well, they shouldn’t let this happen, right?

The truth is that if we place prematch bets, the bets we place before the start of a match, we will find very few, because the value of these odds is very stable and gives the bookmakers time not to make mistakes. But things change when it comes to in-play betting, the classic on live betting. Here things change drastically, because the odds are constantly changing throughout the match and bookmakers have to take into account a lot of factors that change every second, making mistakes or small errors in setting their odds.

Equally, if we were to manually check these bugs, it would be impossible, we would find virtually no errors and we would waste time.

But just as bookmakers have their weapons, players have ours, and in some cases, they match those of the bookmakers.

Basically, software is used to analyse the odds of all bookmakers and find these errors, allowing us to know in real time where these opportunities are.

At least that was the case until very recently, but technology is advancing and there is now software that can even do it for us, reducing the amount of time we have to spend on it to zero.

If you don’t know what software I’m talking about you probably don’t follow my channel yet, so I recommend you to do it right away, and press the notification bell so you don’t miss a single video!

BetOven is the only software in Spain at the moment that allows you to do this automatically.

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This is a computer software that, once installed, will automatically place your bets 100% automatically.

You will easily beat the bookmakers until they find out that you are a professional bettor and then you will be hit with the famous bans.

At that point, as I said before, you’ll have to stop betting and walk away with your money, but by then you’ll have made a pretty penny.

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Unless you plan to continue losing money in the long term with your bookmakers I recommend you give it a try.

And let me tell you something, if after what I have told you, you don’t find it interesting, let me doubt that you are even interested in making money.

3. Valuebets

These types of bets are usually the most profitable or yielding in the long term but are the most risky.

Ok, but what are valuebets? Basically they are bets with higher quotas to those that should be set, taking into account the likelihood of such an outcome occurring. In other words, they are bets that pay better than the other bets available and by placing them you will make money in the long run.

If you want to see an example of a value bet, take a look at this video where I talk about them in detail.

Now, you may be wondering how do we find these higher paying bets?

This is for me the million-dollar question, but it has a very simple answer. By helping us with their direct competition, using data from other bookmakers. Checking the odds of that bookmaker against the odds of the other bookmakers, the ones with the lowest risk.

As you will understand, doing this manually is practically impossible to do, so we will always need a tool, a software that is able to analyse all these bookmakers in real time and provide us with the information.

As in the case of surebets we also have scanners that allow us to do this and BetOven’s valuebets mode that will also place bets automatically as in the case of surebets.

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Remember that you have this BetOven free trial also to be able to make valuebets automatically.

Y es que ya te digo que las surebets y las valuebets están muy relacionadas, porque al final una surebet podemos tomarla como una valuebet a la que se añade una segunda apuesta para eliminar el riesgo.

We can make valuebets taking other factors into account, of course. This is where celebrities come into play tipstersyou will be able to pay them for their services. Basically pay someone to tell you where the opportunities are and if you trust them to place the bets they tell you to place.

In this case, it is important that you have the yield data and betting histories of these Tipsters so that you can verify if they are really professionals or just scammers.

Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of so-called tipsters with vip telegram channels who have turned out to be real sell-outs, so be very careful when choosing them.

Para ello te recomiendo que uses portales como tipsterchat donde se realice una labor de control para que no se pueden falsear historiales o porcentajes de rentabilidad..