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Limitations on bookmakers

This is one of the first questions you will have asked yourself if you have been in the world of sports betting for a while, or in the world of surebets.

Today we are going to see everything related to these famous limitations, illegal, but very present in this world of surebets and in general of bets made by a professional.

What are the limitations in bookmakers?

The term limitations encompasses the set of actions or restrictions that bookmakers make to prevent you from continuing to bet.

Normally these are limitations on the maximum stake allowed , that is, preventing you from betting more than x euros, a figure that will surely decrease until it reaches €0 or directly preventing you from making said bets.

If we were to look for a simile in the world of casinos, it would be like when you are invited to leave the casino after having followed a card counting strategy or a method such as MartinGala or Fibonacci in roulette. Basically, they kick you out because they know that if you haven’t beaten them already, you will in the future.

Why do bookmakers make limitations?

It’s basically the only way they have to stop professional bettors. They cannot legally kick them out, so they make their work as difficult as possible, until it becomes useless or unproductive, either because it is impossible to place bets, or because they are of very little value, preventing money from being won.

When do bookmakers limit?

Bookmakers limit users when they consider that they are behaving professionally. That is, when they are making money now, or when they think they can make it in the future because of the way they play.

There are a lot of factors that can make a bookmaker limit you, in the next section we tell you what you should avoid to reduce the effect of these factors.

How to avoid limitations in bookmakers?

Even if you make surebets with our favorite surebets software (BetOven) you will have to take into account all these recommendations, to try to delay the limitations as much as possible.

Tips to not be limited quickly:

1. Register and connect from a virgin IP

It is fully proven that the bookmakers know the IP from which you first registered and each of the IPs from which you connect every day.

With this in mind, always remember to sign up and play from a virgin IP, where it is unlikely that another user from the same bookmaker has been limited.

How to fix this? Before starting with a new bookmaker, put your mobile in airplane mode for 2 minutes and use it normally again.

If you are going to work from a Wi-Fi connection, I recommend that you check if your IP is dynamic. If so, RESTART your rooter and verify that the IP has changed.

How to check it? Easy! Put in google what is my ip and any of the first pages will tell you!

What is my ip

2. Make deposits of less than €250

If you heard it right, some bookmakers will limit you from placing a single bet on the suspicion that you are a professional who will make them lose money. According to their statistics, professional bettors tend to work with a larger bank and make larger deposits.

I recommend that you add small deposits of less than €250, interspersing automated bets with BetOven or manual ones. One of the bookies in which this problem has never occurred is BET365.

3. Disconnect BetOven for a few hours or set schedules

It is tempting to leave betoven connected all day in order to place as many bets as possible. But keep in mind that those session times are not typical of even a manual sports trader.

Set times or start and stop BetOven manually for more human behavior!

BetOven Schedule Settings

4. Prioritize surebets in liquid markets where you will be most unnoticed

Think, how many friends do you know who bet on pin pong matches in the Russian women’s league?

Indeed, none. Or in the best of cases, it is a friend that you consider a betting professional, a tipster…

All of them will end up being limited by the bookmaker, if you use BetOven. ALSO!

That is why BetOven allows you to filter the leagues and markets in which you want BetOven to search and make surebets. The downside of carrying out this exhaustive filtering is that you will find much fewer surebets, since in addition, these types of liquid markets are more closely watched by the houses and many fewer mistakes are made.

5. Bet rounded amounts

It is one of the most typical tips, if you work with BetOven you will always place rounded bets in the secondary bookies, at least until the limitations begin.

6. Do not repeat the same Surebet several times

Making automated surebets with BetOven we must bear in mind that we do not have as much control over them, so one way to solve this problem is to add a longer minimum interval between bets, in my case I like to use 300 seconds.


7. % profit for surebets between 2% and 25%

If we go for surebets with a high percentage of profit, we can take several risks:

The 1st is that the bookmaker changes the odds afterwards, causing you losses. In the case of BetOven, a change in the odds that has a negative impact on you will be rewarded in the form of points.

2nd is a higher chance that the surebet will change quickly and you won’t be able to finish completing it, leaving you with a higher risk singlebet.

8. Do not make withdrawals if it is not necessary

You have been making surebets, and have made a lot of money at one of the bookmakers. Whether it is because you have won a lot of money, or because there has been an imbalance between the bookmakers connected to BetOven, I recommend that you do not make any withdrawals , at least until you see that you have some kind of limitation.

When you make a withdrawal of money, you jump the alarms of the bookmaker, and they will mark you as a dangerous client, making it very easy for you to later have severe limitations.

In which bookmakers are there more limitations?

It is a very complicated question to answer, since it depends a lot on the policies that a certain house is adopting at a specific moment. The same bookmaker that was limiting very quickly a few months ago can now be a great bookmaker to start betting with surebets and vice versa.

I remember that months ago, in the summer of 2020, the betting provider kirolbet was making great profits before we suffered a limitation and now the limitations are more exhaustive. On the contrary, William Hill started 2021 by making very, very exaggerated limitations and probably after some complaint by some player denouncing abusive behavior they have slowed down, allowing us to place more bets.

One way to know the status of the bookmakers also in limitations is to check our Ranking . The limitations are part of one of the factors by which we value each of the bookies.

Are there any bookmakers without limitations?

Indeed they exist, however, I must tell you that they are not available in the Spanish market and it is illegal to register in them if you are Spanish. These are Asian bookmakers, called Sharp bookies. These bookmakers have as a business model to act as mere intermediaries between different groups of bettors applying a small commission on the entire volume of bets made. Some of them are: Pinnacle, Betonline, Bookmaker, Smarkers…

In Spain, the closest thing is the soft bookie bet365, which has some characteristics of the Sharp, such as the lack of limitations, especially when we make surebets with BetOven.

What do I have to do if I am limited in a bookmaker?

It will basically depend on how limited you are and the bookmaker where you are placing bets or surebets.

If the limitation is only partial, in some markets or sports you will be able to continue placing bets, even if it is by placing smaller bets.

If, on the other hand, it is a definitive limitation, you will only have to take the money out of the bookmaker and put it in another.

Are limitations on bookmakers illegal?

Indeed they are, several courts have declared abusive the clauses that allow bookmakers to limit the customer’s right to continue betting normally.

On many occasions, the users of these bookmakers have been proven right, supported by rulings that have led the bookmakers to limit their accounts.

However, on many occasions these bookmakers reapply these limitations some time later, playing cat and mouse.

We present here some news related to cases like the one I am telling you about:

Some bookmakers like Sportium directly claim that limiting is illegal, however, they apply restrictions to their customers just like everyone else.

Types of limitations in bookmakers?

Next, we tell you the possible forms of limitation that bookies have to reduce your chances of earning money:

Maximum allowed stake

Most bookies limit by maximum allowed stake.

The maximum allowed stake is the maximum amount of money that you can bet on a certain event in a certain market. For example, when we are limited, it is possible that they will not let us bet 100 euros on the victory of a team, but they will let us bet 20 euros (a smaller amount). The market also influences the maximum bet allowed. For example, it is possible that they will let us bet 100 euros on a Madrid vs. Barça football final, but they will not allow us to bet that same amount on a basketball match in the Russian league.

The bookies with this type of limitation are:


How to know if we have been limited?

When a limitation of this type occurs, the maximum stake allowed by the bookmaker will be less than that configured in BetOven, forcing it to adapt the maximum BetOven bet to that allowed by the bookie.

If the maximum stake allowed by the bookie is even lower than the minimum stake established in BetOven, that bet cannot be made and a notice will appear in BetOven like the one shown below:

Does this mean that I have been definitively limited in the bookie?

NO . Whether it is a definitive or partial limitation will depend on the minimum stake configured in BetOven. If your configured minimum stake is 1 and you continue to have bets below the limit, it is that you effectively have a definitive limitation. You can check it by making a live bet manually within the limited bookie, it is valid with a bet of €2…

Execution time

In this type of limitation, once the bet is made, a time bar appears that is consumed until the bet is processed. With this type of limitation, what happens is that there comes a time when the bet takes so long to process that:

  1. Odds change and surebets cannot be placed.
  2. The bet never comes to fruition because the market has closed.

The bookies with this type of limitation are:

If BetOven cannot adapt its stake to the maximum stake of the bookmaker because there is none, how can I continue betting in the face of a partial limitation?

The solution is to lower the maximum investment parameter, so that BetOven makes bets with a lower stake or increase the % deviation from the maximum amount. when we have a very low stake, it will not make sense to continue with the bookie and it will be considered a definitive limitation. You can also save waiting time by placing a low stake manual bet, such as €2, to find out if the limitation is severe, and if it is worth continuing to try with different stakes.

Gambling not allowed

In some bookies, the limitation directly does not allow us to make any bets. In these cases, the market or the stake does not matter. The account becomes unusable because the
odds provider does not accept the bets we place. This is a very radical type of limit and normally before reaching this type of limit, it goes through a progressive limit of stake until the limit reaches 0.

The bookies with this type of limitation are:

bookies 3

How to know if a bookmaker has limited me

During these last months the task of finding limitations in our bookmakers by making surebets has become a more complicated task working with dynamic primaries.

The basic theory tells us that a bookmaker prevents us from betting more than x euros, in a certain bet. Although we already know how bookmakers perform limitations, we must learn to detect these limitations when using BetOven.

The detection of these limitations will basically depend on the type of limitation made by the bookmaker that we want to analyze:

Detection of limitations in bookmakers with maximum stake limitations

As I have already told you in the previous section, this type of limitation is the most used by bookmakers. And it is the one that provides the most information to BetOven, so it will also be the one that we can detect better. For this, it is important that you understand the BetOven notification area, and especially the column with the following name:

  • Limit bet per bookie

This notification indicates the number of attempts in which a bet could not be placed on the indicated bookie, as well as the date of the last failed attempt.

If a bet could not be placed in this case, it is because the maximum stake proposed by the bookmaker is less than the lower limit configured in BetOven.

I give you a simple example so that you understand it better: Imagine that we make the following configuration in BetOven on the Bwin bookie.

Configuracion de ejemplo
Bwin config example

In this case, if Bwin applies limitations on our account, BetOven will adapt the stakes to those allowed by the bookmaker, until the following parameter is breached:

  • Minimum amount. In our example: €10.

If we have a notification like the following, it means that the maximum amount limit set by Bwin is less than €10.

Having this type of notification does not imply that you have a definitive limitation. Please note that you may be limited in a specific market, sport or event. However, it will be interesting to change the bookie mode from Primary to Secondary .

Partial or total limitations on primary bookies who bet second will lead to singlebets. Note that if the bookmaker placing the surebet second is unable to bet as much as intended, they will not be able to complete the surebet.

It is true that BetOven will try to make several successive bets of smaller amounts to complete said surebet, that is, it will try to make a multistep surebet . However, you will be committing risks, since the time to complete said surebet will increase and therefore the probability that the odds will change and that you will not be able to complete the sports arbitration ( the surebet ).

If after changing the bookie mode from Primary to Secondary, you continue to make bets with some frequency, you do not have to worry. If, on the other hand, you stop placing bets, the limitation will be a stake of less than 10, the minimum configured amount. In this case, I recommend you lower it to €5 or even €1 and continue checking if you are still not placing bets or if you are placing them again.

As soon as you set your limit below €1, if you continue to receive these notifications, your limitation is final. It is in this case, when I recommend you withdraw all the money and start with another bookie.

Detection of limitations in bookmakers without limitation by maximum stake

In this case we include the bets with limitation by Execution Time and bet not allowed.

In both cases BetOven does not receive a maximum stake, in response to our bet by the bookmaker, so no notification will appear on BetOven.

Hence the complexity to detect limitations in these bookies.

The detection in this case will be somewhat less accurate, but it will consist of focusing on two aspects:

Large number of bets not closed by the bookie

If in our history we begin to see that the majority of singlebets are caused by the same bookie, it will be a clear symptom that we are having partial or total limitations in it.

Absence of bets made by this bookie in the first place

Whether this bookie is primary or secondary, the absence of bets made in the first place, either to give rise to primaries or secondary ones, will be a clear indication of partial or definitive limitations. In this case we will try to lower stakes and confirm that we continue without placing bets until we find the maximum stake allowed by this type of bookies, or until we confirm that the limitation is definitive.

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