BetOven does not make bets, what happens?

It is a question that we have all asked ourselves at some point when we started with BetOven. The most veterans already know how to deal to a greater extent with the behavior of bookmakers and BetOven with them.

As you know BetOven is an intelligent automatic software, i.e. it learns by itself, but not in all fields. And one of the areas where we need to help you is in the behaviour of our bookmakers.

In this guide I am going to tell you the steps to follow to find out what is happening in your profile when you stop betting:

1. BetOven's incident system

A first check that you should do, even before checking the behaviour of the BetOven application installed on your computer, is to access the BetOven managers website and check the status of the issues.

These are the ones that give us a first indication of how our profile and the bookies logged in it are, compared to the rest of the profiles logged in BetOven (of other managers or your own).


If you don’t know what the ticket details are, how to activate them and what the colour code is, please click on the following link: BetOven ticketing system

If you already know what these incident details are, you should understand the following:

Depending on the colour in which your profile is displayed, your profile will be working correctly or not, compared to the rest of the BetOven profiles (both your other profiles and those of other hunters).

This incident system also has a sensitivity parameter, which, as its name suggests, allows us to vary the sensitivity of the comparison between profiles.

A very high sensitivity will lead to many false errors, so I recommend that you always work with values around 20-25%. So when you have a red profile, it is highly likely that you have some kind of problem, such as partial or total limitations.

🔴 If your profile is red after a while after logging in, there is a high probability that you have a problem at one of your bookmakers and you will have to keep checking what is going on.

🟢 If your profile is green, two things can happen:

  • There is some temporary problem at BetOven that prevents you and the rest of the hunters with those bookies from placing bets.
  • There is a temporary problem at the bookmaker. Many bookmakers’ websites are frequently down for maintenance. In this case you will have to wait for this maintenance shutdown to end.
  • If it occurs over a short period of time, there may be no surebets or valuebets with the configuration you have set up. Either because of a lack of available markets, or because the configuration you have set up is too restrictive. (Confirm the latter)

In these cases it would not really be necessary to continue checking the status of the profile, although I recommend you to do so…

2. Check the status of your profile in the BetOven application.

The second check is in the statistics section, in the failed attempts notification area.

In this area, BetOven can give us clues as to what is happening with our bookmakers, although it is not yet able to tell us clearly whether there is a definite limitation at all bookmakers. It can give us very clear clues in some of them.

We will analyse column by column:

could not login

That we have any notification in this column should not be a big problem, sometimes BetOven cannot login to a bookmaker and just tries again.

However, if you have tens or hundreds of notifications, I recommend that you make the following revisions:

  • Stop BetOven and try to start it without problems.
  • If you have problems, try to connect automatically through the BetOven browser.

It is normal that, if this notification popped up hundreds of veces⚠️, you will not be able to log in and the bookmaker has blocked your access 🚫. In that case you will have to contact said bookmaker to be unblocked.

Sometimes this may be their way of limiting you, they take away your access and return your money within 10 days to the same account or wallet card from which you made the deposit, this information will be sent to you by email📩.

There is no money

In this case, you must first check if there are many notifications, then the balances of the bookies and if there are pending bets.

In the event that there are no outstanding bets and the balance is still low, you will need to make a new deposit at that bookmaker unbalanced with the remainder.

Limited betting by configuration

This column is one of the most important, since it can give us clues about the possibility of a total or partial limitation. This notification depends on the value of Minimum Amount that we have configured in each of the bookies.

When we have partial limitations with high Minimum Amount values, it is advisable to lower this value to continue placing bets, even if they are smaller.

I recommend that you configure the Minimum Amount with a value of 1.0 when notifications appear in this column in any of the bookies. Why 1 and not 0? Basically, when you have this setting and you get new under limit bet notifications, you will most likely have a total limitation.

To finally check this out, go to the bookmaker and try to place a low value manual bet on one of the available live bets. If a notification appears indicating that the maximum bet is €0, you are definitely limited in that bookmaker.

In some bookmakers BetOven is not able to detect limitations when placing bets, because not all bookmakers have maximum stake limitations (maximum bet allowed) they simply reply with a message telling you that it is not possible to place your bet at the moment, or they introduce timers where it looks like the site is doing some work until the odds change. Note that these are also limitations.

One way to avoid a partial limitation in these cases (for example in the Kirolbet group) is to lower the maximum amount per surebet. Since in this way we will try to make smaller bets and perhaps these will be allowed. A recommendation to not be constantly looking for the maximum amount that the bookmaker allows us to bet, is to apply a greater deviation from the maximum amount, in such a way that in each bet we try to bet a different amount.

In these cases, it is also advisable to make a very small manual bet of €1 or €2 to confirm that it is not a definitive limitation.

Also remember that the bookmakers located lower in the ranking place fewer bets and have a higher % of singlebets, so working with these latter bookies can lead to the feeling of having limitations without actually limiting them. let’s have.

If you want to know more about limitations, we recommend you to visit this post: Limitations at bookmakers 🚫.

Limit bet per bookie

This column is very clear, when we have notifications in this column the limitations applied on our bookmaker are definite. At least in some of the markets, although I can tell you that this is usually the case for the whole account.

You will have to remove it from your profile settings and withdraw the money. I recommend that you simultaneously add another bookie, from the same provider or another one, to replace it and not lose bookmakers in your profile. If you decrease the number of bookies in play, as you can imagine you will make fewer surebets or valuebets.

Bookie problem

In this case, you will have to proceed as I said in case you have a lot of “Could not login” notifications.

Manually log in to your account and check if you have access or if there is a problem with your account.

Average attempt time and average betting time

Finally, we must take into account the two columns of average betting and attempted betting times. Both indicate the time it takes for the bookmaker to close the bet or to attempt to close the bet.

This is very interesting to check if they are applying time-out limitations to any of your bookmakers. That is, if they are adding extra waiting times for the acceptance of your bets in order to limit their damage.

If betting times are high, you decrease your chances of capturing value bets, committing single bets and therefore decreasing the profitability of your bets.

In these cases you will have to consider whether to remove these bookies from your settings. Normal average bet acceptance times are usually under 10 seconds, although at some bookies such as Tonybet these bet acceptance times are much longer.

Live hand betting

The last check you should make if none of the above works for you, is to place a manual bet on a live market, with a certain amount (for example 10€) if you place the bet you should not worry too much about a definitive limitation and I recommend you wait.

If, on the other hand, it does not let you place the bet, start worrying about a partial or definitive limitation 🚫.

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