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The Statistics Dashboard

The Statistics panel is the area of BetOven from which you can monitor, in real time, data on the performance of your investments such as: the estimated profit, the number of bets placed, the balances of your bookies, and much more. Taking advantage of the avalanche of questions that the launch of this new section has raised, we are going to try in this post to create a complete guide, adding some definitions to the darkest concepts in the world of betting.

BetOven Statistics

In this section you can see at a glance the performance of each of your profiles within your Manager. We will go panel by panel:

Consolidated profits

The first panel is not much of a mystery. It shows you the real benefits of your profile. Why consolidated?

Basically because it is about profit taking into account all verified bets. It will therefore differ from potential profits in that only verified bets are taken into account.

Total arbitrages

In this panel, the total number of arbitrations carried out is counted. These arbitrages can be surebets, singlebets, valuebets, middles or wrongbets. So to speak, every move made by BetOven.

Last arbitrage

As the name suggests, it will indicate the last arbitrage made on your profile. If you have an active profile and have not set very restrictive settings, you should have bets every day. If not, I recommend you to check your profile, the colour in which it appears on the web will also be a good indication.

Time graph

In this dashboard you can see at a glance how your profile is performing over time. If you place the cursor or your finger on the graph you can see the specific date on the timeline.


Profits per bookie

From this tab you can see how each of your bookies have performed.


This graph shows the types of arbitrage carried out by BetOven and the proportion of them.


In this panel we will also see the proportions of successful surebets, cancelled surebets and singlebets made.

This panel is very important to verify the % of singlebets we are having in our profile when working in surebets mode.


As with surebets, this graph will allow us to evaluate the % of valuebets won and the profit obtained with them. I can already tell you that the % of bets lost is usually higher than the % of bets won. Remember, we are not looking for probability, we are looking for value!


A graph very similar to Valuebets, will allow us to know the winnings thanks to them and the % of bets won.

Latest panels

The last 3 panels are dedicated to the statistics of Middles, Wrongbets and estimated profits.

The latter corresponds to the estimated profit if the bets placed remain unchanged. For example, a bet cancellation. At the time when all bets are verified, the estimated and consolidated profits will be equal.

BetOven's track record

This area is quite simple to understand in general. From here you can see the history of your placed bets. Although they are arranged chronologically, this section includes a filter (so you can classify your bets by type), and a search engine, at the top.


The red and green colors in the names of the bookies indicate where each bet has been lost and where each bet has been won. The letter S indicates the stake (the amount) wagered, the letter O refers to the quota (Odd, in English), and the letter W , to the absolute benefits of the bet (for Winnings).

You can also download a CSV version in case you want to play with the data in an excel file in order to improve your strategy.


The balances tab allows you to see at a glance how much money you have deposited in each of your bookies at any given moment. It is important to note that these figures are constantly changing as BetHunter places bets.


Some things to keep in mind in this section are:

  • When there are open bets, the stake used to make them is subtracted from the balance of the bookie. It is normal, therefore, that while BetHunter is working, and there are pending bets, the balance is lower than what was initially deposited.
  • If a bookie has a low balance (less than €100) and there are no pending bets, it is advisable to deposit some money in it. This is something common, since several surebets can be won in a single bookie, concentrating all your balance in only one of them. Although we will automatically notify you by email when this happens, you can follow this eventuality from this tab.
  • When rebalancing (re-depositing money into an emptied bookie), we recommend re-depositing an amount in the region of 300-400 euros.


This last tab is the least used in BetOven as in most cases when using a proxy in BetOven we choose the ProxyApp or Autmatic Proxy option.

In the case that you hire proxies through another external provider, you can leave it stored on this website and then connect it to the profile of your choice, making it easier to manage the proxies.

However, as I said, it is not a widely used option due to the difficulty of finding a good provider and the constant banning of IP’s by bookmakers.