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Configure your Proxy in BetOven

Are you wondering why you need a Proxy? ūüėĪ

A proxy is a tool that, among other things, allows you to hide your IP and show another (the proxy IP) to whoever is monitoring your connection, in this case, the bookmakers.

You need a Proxy mainly for:

  • Being able to connect from anywhere ūüĆé in the world from a rented computer or server (for example, Contabo ).
  • Through the same IP from a computer, you can manage ūüĎ• several profiles/clients, camouflaging each one with a different IP.
  • To avoid ‚õĒ limitations on bookmakers.

You should know that to operate with Spanish bookmakers, they require that the bets be made from a Spanish IP.

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Your IP address is like your virtual address: it serves to identify you. The bookmakers use it to relate the place where you live or from where you connect, with your betting account. If you simultaneously connect or alternate different users from the same bookmaker to the same IP , at the moment in which one of the users is limited , the rest will be too .

The bookmaker, trying to limit their losses, assumes that if both users work from the same IP, they may be different identities managed by a single person, or they may be several people with a similar strategy.

Therein lies the importance of using a single IP for each client/profile/user. To solve this problem BetOven proposes 3 ways.

Proxy Settings

1. You can use BetOven Sin Proxy , when you connect from ‚Äúa Spanish IP‚ÄĚ (home, 4G mobile, etc.)

This mode is used when you only have one profile connected, and your IP is clean (it hasn’t been used in those bookies before)

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It is the most recommended connection, since it is a residential or mobile IP, which goes completely unnoticed. If you don’t know if you have used this IP before with certain bookies, I recommend that you restart your rooter and check that the IP is dynamic and has changed.

To do it is as easy as searching in google: what is my IP?. There are many pages that will give you this information.

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2. You can use the Automatic Proxy that BetOven provides you with an extra point consumption, but with the ease of automatic IP management.

The main advantage of this mode is simplicity. You don’t have to worry about looking for a provider of proxy IPs compatible with all the bookies and if any of them bans your IP, you don’t have to be communicating with their technical service waiting for them to solve it… in short, more problems.

The price of the automatic proxy is 3 points for each hour of BetOven’s work.

betoven automatic proxy

3. We can use a Manual Proxy when we have a contracted proxy through an external proxy provider. It must be Spanish and must work with the bookies. Normally BET365 is the most restrictive regarding proxy IPs.

sports arbitration proxy provider

You will need the following data from your provider to be able to connect your manual proxy:

betting proxy provider

Once you have clicked on “save” check that your proxy IP is valid.

bet365 proxy provider

If the proxy was not valid, the public IP would not appear.

IP proxy surebets

Only when it is active and valid will the IP appear, while it is inactive you will not make the connection with the bookies through the proxy.

Once the configuration is done, you must press, as always when you perform an action, the ‚Äúsave‚ÄĚ button and also click on ‚Äústart‚ÄĚ. If you have any connected bookie it should already work correctly!


Security of a proxy

Although they are totally safe, it is true that statistically the clients that work with them have earlier limitations, the difference is small enough not to use them but we think it is interesting that you know it.

On the other hand, the convenience of being able to connect several BetOven profiles from the same computer or server is very difficult to beat.

BetOven Secure Browser

When you connect to a bookmaker it is interesting to do it in the safest way possible, limiting cookies and any extra information that we can give to the bookmaker. Also, when you are connected to a bookmaker through a proxy, be it manual or automatic, you want to connect from that IP also when you do it manually, or from a virgin IP.

For this reason, BetOven has an integrated browser, which works with the BetOven proxy, allowing you to connect to Chrome through it very easily.

Simply hit the Open Browser button, and choose the bookmaker you want to connect to.

betoven secure browser

Depending on which bookie is selected, BetOven will allow you to connect by entering the credentials automatically or not. (Currently not available for the BET365 bookie).

Additional features

More information is available in all BetOven menus if you hover over the question marks “?”

If you click on the ‚Äú?‚ÄĚ It provides you with information that may be of interest to you.

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Information of interest

If you use the BetOven automatic proxy and you have an unexpected closure of your PC or server, incorrectly closing BetOven and you are not going to use the application in the next hours or days. We recommend that you access the managers website and log out of that specific profile, avoiding any consumption of extra points by BetOven’s automatic proxy.