Liquid and Illiquid Markets in Sports Betting: An Edge with BetOven

The liquidity of a market is a crucial factor that can significantly influence the success of your betting strategies. This is where concepts such as liquid markets and illiquid markets come into play, providing valuable insight into how betting markets operate and how you can leverage this information to your advantage.

Moreover, with the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence tools like BetOven now exist, which enable automated sports arbitrage, taking your bets to a whole new level. In this article, we will break down these concepts and show you how BetOven, with its liquidity parameter, can be your best ally in this scenario.

Understanding Liquid and Illiquid Markets

Liquid markets are those with a high level of activity and where it is easy to quickly get in and out. They have a large number of bettors and a wide variety of betting options. Illiquid markets, on the other hand, have less activity, fewer bettors, and may have fewer betting options. Liquidity is important because it can affect the odds, limitations, and ultimately your profits.

Differences between Liquid and Illiquid Markets


  • Betting Volume: In liquid markets, you will find a higher betting volume, which generates more stable odds. On the contrary, illiquid markets may present more volatile odds.

  • Arbitrage Opportunities: Liquid markets may offer fewer arbitrage opportunities compared to illiquid markets, where the odds can fluctuate more.

  • Number of Markets: Liquid markets abound with available markets, whereas in illiquid markets only the main ones are available.

⛔️ Limitations in Liquid and Illiquid Markets

Limitations in betting houses are measures imposed to reduce the risks associated with potential losses they may face. In illiquid markets, where the odds can be more volatile due to low activity, limitations are more common.

These limitations may include reducing the maximum amounts that can be bet or even the complete restriction of betting on certain events or markets.

The Innovation of Automated Sports Arbitrage

Sports arbitrage software is an advanced tool that allows identifying safe betting opportunities or surebets, where you can bet on all possible outcomes of an event and guarantee a profit.

BetOven takes this a step further with its automated sports arbitrage, allowing you to take advantage of these opportunities without the need to continuously monitor the markets.

Liquid Markets Filter in BetOven

As we have mentioned earlier, BetOven has a parameter that allows you to select how liquid you want your automated surebets or valuebets to be.