Types of Bets: A Complete Guide for Bettors


Types of Bets: Explore, Understand, and Win

Entering the world of sports betting can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. With a diversity of betting types at your disposal, knowledge is your ally in skillfully navigating this sea of opportunity. In this guide we’ll break down the most popular types of bets, easing your way to informed decisions and, hopefully, rewarding wins.

Single Bets

What are Single Bets?

Single bets represent the most basic form of betting: you choose a sporting event, make your prediction and, if you’re right, you win.

Pros and Cons of Single Bets

  • Pros: They are easy to understand and require less investment.
  • Cons: Winnings may be more limited compared to other types of betting.

Combined Bets

What are Combination Bets?

Multi bets allow you to make multiple selections on different events. To win, all your selections must be correct.

Pros and Cons of Combination Bets

  • Pros: Significantly higher earning potential.
  • Cons: The risk is higher, as a wrong selection can cost you the bet.

Sure Bets

What is sure bets?

Sure bets arise by betting on all possible outcomes of an event, guaranteeing a profit regardless of the outcome.

How to Identify a Safe Bet

Meticulous analysis of odds and a thorough understanding of the odds are key to identifying safe bets. COME ON! That’s what someone who doesn’t want you to win would tell you… you need surebet scanners, safe bet calculators or surebet software to perform them. For example: BetOven ūüĎá

Value Bets

What are Value Bets?

A value bet occurs when the odds offered are higher than the real probabilities of the event.

How to Find Value Bets

Rigorous analysis and a clear understanding of the event can help you identify value bets.

Sports Arbitrage

What is Sports Arbitrage?

Sports arbitrage involves betting on all possible outcomes of an event at different betting houses to ensure a profit.

How Does Sports Arbitrage Work?

The key is to identify differences in the odds among different betting houses and place bets that guarantee a profit, regardless of the outcome.

Other Types of Bets

System Bets

System bets allow you to combine bets from different events, offering a more complex structure and potentially higher returns.

Live Bets

Live bets immerse you in the action, allowing you to bet while the event unfolds, with odds that fluctuate in real time.

Long-term Bets

Long-term bets allow you to predict events that will be resolved in the future, such as the winner of a tournament.

Handicap and Asian Handicap

These bets level the playing field by adjusting the odds, especially useful in unbalanced matchups.

Over/Under (More/Less)

Over/Under bets challenge you to predict whether a specific statistic will be above or below a certain number.