Sports Arbitrage: Complete Guide [2023]

One of the most attractive and lucrative strategies is sports arbitrage. But what exactly is it and how can you leverage it to maximize your profits?

In this article, we will unveil the mystery behind sports arbitrage, and how advanced tools like BetOven can automate this process, taking your bets to the next level.

First of all, let me tell you what arbitrage is and why it’s related:

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a financial concept that applies to various fields, including sports betting. In a traditional financial context, arbitrage involves the simultaneous buying and selling of assets in different markets to take advantage of price differences and earn a risk-free profit.

This strategy is based on the law of one price, which holds that, in an efficient market, a good should have the same price everywhere, considering the exchange rate and transaction costs.

What is Sports Arbitrage?

The application of the aforementioned concept in the realm of sports betting is what we know as sports arbitrage. Instead of financial assets, bettors deal with betting odds from different betting houses. The idea is the same: exploit discrepancies in odds to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome of the sports event.

We just have to replace the product or currency and its price with the odds of a particular event.

Sports arbitrage is a technique that allows bettors to benefit from differences in odds offered by different betting houses for the same sports event. By placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event, you ensure a profit regardless of the final outcome.

Automation: The Future of Sports Arbitrage

To carry out sports arbitrage effectively, it’s essential to understand the mathematics backing it. The key is to find discrepancies in the odds that allow securing a profit. However, doing this manually can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming.

This is where automated sports arbitrage tools come into play. These advanced softwares do all the heavy lifting for you, continuously scanning the odds from different betting houses and alerting you when an arbitrage opportunity arises.


How Sports Arbitrage Works

Suppose a tennis match is going to be played between Player A and Player B. Two betting houses offer different odds for the same event. House 1 offers odds of 2.0 for Player A and House 2 offers odds of 2.0 for Player B. This is where arbitrage comes into play:

  1. Identification of Opportunities: First, you identify this discrepancy in the odds.
  2. Placement of Bets: You bet $100 at House 1 on Player A and $100 at House 2 on Player B.
  3. Outcome and Profit: Regardless of who wins, your return will be $200, ensuring a risk-free profit.

Challenges of Sports Arbitrage 🚧

Despite the advantages, sports arbitrage also has its challenges. Rapid changes in odds and competition among bettors can make opportunities vanish quickly.

Tools for Performing Sports Arbitrage

Successfully performing sports arbitrage requires a good amount of resources and tools to facilitate the identification and execution of arbitrated bets. Let’s explore some of these tools that are essential in the world of sports arbitrage:

1. Telegram Channels 📬

There are dedicated sports arbitrage Telegram channels where administrators and members share arbitrage opportunities in real time. These channels can be a good source of information for performing sports arbitrage before events (prematch), but I do not recommend it. Normally these telegram bots or channels are connected to Arbitrage Scanners through some API and are 100% automatic.


2. Sports Arbitrage Scanners 🖥️

Scanners are essential tools that track the odds of different betting houses in real time and detect arbitrage opportunities. Some scanners allow users to customize filters according to their preferences, such as the type of sport or the percentage of return on investment.

  • The most used software in the world is Betburger, as it has a large number of betting houses and markets. But its price is high.
  • If you want a very good and free option, I recommend BetOven Scanner.

If you want to see a comparison of these two sports arbitrage scanners, access the following article: BetOven vs Betburger

3. Sports Arbitrage Bot 🤖

These softwares take automation to the maximum by identifying and executing arbitrated bets automatically on behalf of the user. They usually require an initial setup where the user sets their preferences, and then the software operates autonomously, making the corresponding bets when it detects arbitrage opportunities.

BetOven: The Sports Arbitrage Bot with AI

BetOven is an example of a platform that can offer automated features to facilitate sports arbitrage. With a free trial, it allows bettors to explore the functionalities and understand how automation can benefit their betting strategies.

4. Mobile Applications for Sports Arbitrage 📱

With the advancement of mobile technology, many sports arbitrage softwares now offer mobile applications that allow bettors to monitor and execute bets on the move. Some of these applications include:

  1. Sports Arb Calc: This application allows users to enter their odds, select the type of odds, and then calculate the necessary bets to ensure a profit through arbitrage. It also shows the percentage of arbitrage profit.

  2. Surebets – Arbitrage Betting: Provides a list of surebets (safe bets) from more than 120 betting houses, allowing users to filter and sort data according to different criteria such as the percentage of profit, time, among others.

  3. BetOven: Although you must have its application installed on your computer, you can monitor everything from your mobile web.