las mejores casas de apuestas online

What are the best online bookmakers?

Today we will talk about the best bookmakers, focusing on how to make surebets and valuebets with them in an automated way with BetOven.

We’d be lying if we told you it existed: the best bookmaker.

In order to be clearer we will have to analyse them taking into account different factors, but if you are in a hurry let me tell you that you can see a ranking of the best bookmakers in the different countries in which BetOven operates.

Factors by which to establish which bookmakers are the best:

1. Number of bets

The greater the number of markets available and the greater the errors in the odds, the greater the number of bets. This factor is undoubtedly one of the most important, especially when it comes to surebets.

Currently the statistics show that the top ten bookmakers with the highest number of bets are:

  1. BetfairSB
  2. Retabet
  3. Pokerstars
  4. LeoVegas (Kambi)
  5. Betway
  6. Interwetten
  7. Sportium
  8. MrGreen (Kambi)
  9. Zebet (Sportnco)
  10. Bwin

Number of restrictions

This is another of the most important factors when choosing the best bookmakers. If a bookmaker has a large number of bets but limits us in a few hours, it cannot be the best bookmaker.

This is one of the most changing factors throughout the year, and as you know, some accounts may last longer than others, even within the same period of the year.

If you are unlucky and start entering a lot of illiquid markets, limitations can come very quickly.

Limitation form

The form of limitation is one of the factors least considered by most of you, and it is frankly important.

As you know, the best bookmakers for us are the ones with maximum stake limitations, which are the easiest for us to spot and which BetOven can easily adapt to.

An example is the whole Kambi group, Codere, Interwetten, Sportium, and many more… If you want to know the different types of limitations of each of the bookmakers you can access the following post of our blog.

And the worst bookmakers are those that introduce timers before the acceptance of bets, so that they may or may not accept your bet if its value changes during that time. In other words, greater possibilities for singlebets by increasing volatility.

These limitations are also terrible if we use BetOven’s valuebets mode, as these limitations make you to lose the value of your bet, accepting only bets that have lost at least a large part of their value.

The sportnco group is terrible at this… how can you check this? go to the BetOven notifications area and check the bet placement and attempt times, if they are longer than 10 seconds on average start to consider replacing the bookmaker.

Don’t know where the BetOven notification area is located? We recommend you to watch this video!

Number of errors/risks made by the bookmaker

Some bookmakers make more mistakes than others, or take more risks than others to give better odds to attract more users.

This is very important when placing valuebets, as this factor along with the number of bets is the most important when choosing the best bookmakers for placing value bets in BetOven’s valuebet mode.

In this case, the best thing to do is to go to the updated ranking and you will be able to see which ones have the best combination.

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