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What is a Surebet MultiStep?

It is basically a surebet where the bookmaker who bets on second place places multiple bets instead of just one.

It is now, using other bookmakers as primaries when you are seeing a greater number of cases. We hope that with this post all your doubts will be clarified.

Why are Surebets Multistep instead of just one?

The answer is simple, to continue making higher value surebets, even when our primary bookie (the one who places the bet second) has partial limitations.

What risks does Surebets Multistep have?

  • By having to place several bets in one of the bookmakers, the risk increases that in that time we will have a change in the quota, or market closure that prevents the Surebet from being completed.
  • Placing equal bets in a bookie can be an important factor in the face of possible limitations. But it does not charge much value at this time, since when we make this type of surebets, we already start from initial partial limitations.

Surebet MultiStep Examples


As we can see in the example, two bets with very different values and with similar odds have been made. In this case, there has been a small change in the value of 0.05 in the odds, which has also modified the profit percentage collected by the surebet.

We can have 3-bet MultiStep Surebets too, like the one below:

image 26

These types of bets will have even more risk of odds changes, since the waiting time to complete the surebet will be longer. Although it will largely depend on the stability of both bookmakers.

Advantages of placing Surebets Multistep

The main advantage is that you can continue to make safe bets with more benefits despite having limitations in a specific bookmaker. This is a great advantage, if we compare BetOven against surebets calculators like Betburger that would leave us hanging in the calculation.

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