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BetOven Proxy App (Android)

Use your phone IP to generate a clean IP for your BetOven profile

The BetOven ProxyApp application allows you to connect to bookmakers from the IP address of your connected phone either to a Wi-Fi, or to a 4G or 5G mobile network.

Why would I be interested in having this app on an android mobile?

🚨 You will be able to connect several profiles on your computer or server connected to different IPs and without the need to use an automatic or manual proxy 🚨

BetOven connection scheme through ProxyApp


To use the ProxyApp android app, it is necessary to install 3 files on the phone

The last two files will be available on the BetOven download page

BetOven Downloads Folder

Download both apps (OpenVPN and ProxyApp) and proceed with the easy setup. If you have any problem installing the .apk on your android mobile, it may be because you do not have this option activated. If so, activate it:

OpenVPN settings

Once the OpenVPN application is installed, you have to install the configuration profile by downloading previously, it is very simple:

  • Press FILE and look in your downloads folder for the .ovpn file
  • Import it and voila!
OpenVPN setup process

Connect ProxyApp

Subsequently, you will have to choose an identifier for your ProxyApp consisting of at least 10 characters, necessarily containing numbers and letters:

Ex: testbetoven1

BetOven ProxyApp Settings

Connect BetOven to ProxyApp

Once the ProxyApp is connected, all that remains is to enter said identifier in the BetOven application:

  • Go to the proxies tab and select ProxyApp
  • Press Test Proxy and add the identifier that you have created in your ProxyApp
  • Wait to receive the blue tick indicating that everything is OK!

You no longer have an excuse to dust off your old android 📱 and put it to work!

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