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how to make sure bets [sin bet365]

At betoven they knew the importance of not depending on a single bookmaker to make surebets.

For this reason, since version 8.1 of BetOven, the possibility of making surebets between all the available bookmakers was introduced, finding a greater variety and number of sure bets, not depending on which is still the best bookmaker, bet365 .

How to set up BetOven without bet365

Configuring this surebets software is simple, but it can be done in several ways depending on whether or not we want to give BetOven the power to choose the most stable bookies:

All bookies as primary

This configuration is the simplest, and gives BetOven the power to choose itself, which bookmakers are more stable, that is, which bookmakers will bet second when making the surebet and which bookmakers will bet first.

To configure BetOven in this way you simply have to configure all the bookies in this way:

Configuracion todas primarias
Overview of the selection of bookies

If you look at this setup, it’s more similar to a secondary setup than the classic bet365 setup as a primary.

Configuracion todas primarias 2
Primary Bookie Settings

If you set this configuration, you will place more bets than those made only against bet365, so you may be interested in working in sections of several hours or look for surebets with a higher minimum profit % so as not to place so many in a short time and alert the bookmakers too easily.

You can also modify all the parameters and filters as if it were a secondary one.

One bookie as primary, the rest secondary

In this configuration, the responsibility falls on you. You will have to choose which bookie or bookies you want to be the primary (they should be the most stable) avoiding as many singlebets as possible.

Personally I recommend using the first option, unless bet365 is working properly and the level of singlebets is low, you see that one of the primaries is more stable making surebets than the others, or you want to add a low odds filter .

In point 3 of the version 8.1 configuration post you have an interesting section talking about this topic: Configure BetOven 8.1