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Safer setup making surebets

Making surebets also has some risk, although this does not come from the mathematics of the surebet itself, its execution is not 100% safe. As you probably already know, not all the surebets we try to place end up being surebets.

In the operation of making a surebet , there may be certain factors that prevent the making of one of the two bets, such as: changes in the quota during the event, the closing of markets and subsequent changes in quota.

Although singlebets are given in small percentages, sometimes these can be higher, increasing the risk of losing our bank if we are unlucky and end up causing losses.

The most effective way to reduce short-term singlebet losses, by reducing volatility, is for these bets to be more likely to win , which translates to these bets having low odds .

How to have only singlebets with low odds?

Applying a filter on those bookmakers that make the first bet, within the process of making a surebet. That is, applying a filter , for those bookmakers configured as secondary.

Before applying this configuration, we have to establish which bookmakers are going to be primary and which are secondary . Well, we will only apply this filter of low odds in those that work as secondary, making the first surebet bet.

One way to find out which are the most stable bookmakers to use as primary is to access our Ranking .

Once we have selected which are going to work as secondary and which as primary, we configure the secondary bookmakers , as we would with a primary and add a filter . To do this, press the + button that will take you to the filter configuration as you can see in the following example.


As you can see, the filter that appears already has some preconfigured values copied from your initial configuration, such as the values of Maximum Investment, Minimum Profitability, and Maximum Profit.


If you later modify the initial settings of your secondary bookmaker, please note that you will also need to modify them in the filter, or BetOven will follow the most restrictive ones.

Modify the minimum quota and maximum quota values by applying the following:

  • Minimum odds: 1.1
  • Maximum quota: 2

Activate the filter and select all sports, to apply this filter to all of them. Finally, press Save, and you will have your filter ready.

Why is this filter not set on a bookmaker set as primary?

It’s simple, we would not make practically any surebet , since the odds of both bets (forming the surebet) would both have to be very small… In addition, if we already know that a bookie is going to work as a primary (as long as you do not have a cross between primaries), we know that it will place the bet in second place, so this bookmaker will never make any singlebet , making it unnecessary for it to work with no small fee.

Do you have any against this configuration?

Effectively, you will place fewer bets .