What is the easiest sport to bet on?

What is the easiest sport to bet on? Find out the best options for beginners

I’m sure you have asked yourself this question more than once. And let me tell you that although I will give you some sports that are easier to bet on, the ease of betting is not so much about the sport we choose, but the way we bet. But I will tell you about this later. Now let me tell you which sports I find the easiest to bet on.

While there is no single answer, there are certain sports that present more favourable opportunities for both novice and experienced bettors. In this article, we will look at the best options for those wishing to enter the world of sports betting.

Football, the most popular sport to bet on

When it comes to finding out which is the easiest sport to bet on, football is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport and an excellent place to start. The large number of leagues and teams offers numerous betting opportunities. In addition, the wealth of information and analysis available makes it easier to make informed decisions, although the sheer number of factors that can affect the outcome of a match can also make it difficult to predict results.

Basketball, an option with fewer variables to bet on

Basketball is another popular and easy choice when looking for the easiest sport to bet on. With fewer players on the field and a fast pace of play, it is easier to evaluate the performance of teams and players. In addition, statistics in basketball are quite accurate and can help predict outcomes with greater certainty.

Tennis, a more individualised betting sport

For those wondering which is the easiest sport to bet on, tennis is an interesting option due to its individual rather than team dynamics. This allows bettors to focus on the performance and skills of a single player. Tennis also offers interesting betting markets, such as the winner of the match, the number of sets or games, and the margin of victory.

Boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA)

Boxing and MMA are also easy sports to bet on when looking for the answer to the question: What is the easiest sport to bet on? In these sports, it is crucial to analyse the skills, styles and records of the fighters in order to place informed bets. In addition, the odds on boxing and MMA betting are usually quite attractive.

There is no “easiest” sport to bet on in absolute terms, but sports such as football, basketball, tennis, boxing and MMA are popular and accessible options for bettors who want to know which sport is the easiest to bet on.

The REALITY of easy betting

I have already told you about some sports that I find interesting to start betting on, but you are asking for something easy and I am going to give it to you.

We are in the age of artificial intelligence, automation, robots and of course, in the world of sports betting, software and tools have also arrived that make our lives easier.

Betting scanners (Surebets or Valuebets)

This type of software is already somewhat outdated but is still very valid, especially when compared to placing bets manually and without any information.

Betting scanners, or surebets scanners, are digital tools designed to help bettors identify safe betting opportunities or value bets also known as betting arbitrage.


Betting scanners work by monitoring and comparing the odds offered by various bookmakers in real time. When they detect a discrepancy in the odds that can be exploited for a surebet, alert the user.

A good example of a betting scanner is BetOven Scanner.. This free software allows us to find value bets and safe bets in real time.

As you can see it will always be easier to bet on a certain event where a scanner tells us that an opportunity is occurring and we have a higher value bet than normal.

Betting robots

They are the most powerful software in the world of betting, and not only allow you to find the best opportunities, but they also place bets automatically based on parameters that you have set. A real madness!

The leading exponent of this new artificial intelligence dedicated to the world of betting is BetOven. Currently available in the UK, Italy and Spain.

It doesn’t get any easier than placing bets with a robot that does it for you. Por eso creo que poner el foco en el tipo de deporte es erróneo. It’s much smarter to ask yourself how to bet more easily, and here’s the answer.