How much can I win with Surebets?

If you are reading this article it is because you are curious about how much money you can make with Surebets. This is a totally normal question, whenever we invest something (be it in betting, shares, cryptocurrencies, etc.) we want to have a glimpse of the money we can generate with that investment, to assess whether it is really worth it.

As in all areas of investment and business, the answer to the question “how much money can I make with Surebets” is “it depends“.

In this article we tell you the determining factors that make you earn more or less money with Surebets.

Variables that affect how much money can be won with Surebets

Before knowing all the factors that can influence whether we win more or less money, it is worth remembering that with Surebets you win money, yes or yes, what you cannot know exactly how much, due to the following unpredictable elements:

1. Placing bets (surebets) manually or automatically

If you place bets manually you will take longer and earn less money in relation to your time invested. On the other hand, if you use automated software like Betoven from, you don’t need to be aware of betting, and you don’t need to invest your time in it like calculating surebets with manual betting calculators. The bot takes care of everything according to the betting parameters you set. By being able to track all bookmakers and markets, it is able to find crosses to make surebets much more easily and quickly, so using this type of tool allows you to generate more money faster than if you don’t use it.

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2. According to the number of bookmakers

The more bookmakers you can deposit bankroll, the more advantage you get. As this way it is much easier and quicker to find a greater number of mismatches of odds to be able to cross them and make surebets. If, on the other hand, we are registered in a few, it will be slower as not as many mismatches will be found.

Currently, Betoven allows you to work with more than 15 online bookmakers in UK👇.

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In addition, diversifying bets in different bookmakers allows you to have more life in your account before being limited (we will explain this in detail later).

3. Depending on the bankroll you have to invest

Related to the previous point, having and distributing more money between different bookmakers will make it easier to have liquidity available when the software finds odds mismatches and allows cross-checking with other bookmakers for surebets.

This requires liquidity at each bookmaker. It is not the same to invest £1000 and have it spread across 5 bookmakers at £200 each, as it is to have £2000 invested across 10 different bookmakers at £200 each. As you can see, with an investment of 2000 euros you can be operating in 5 more bookmakers than with 1000 euros, which makes it twice as easy to generate better surebets and therefore earn more money and more quickly.

4. Depending on the configuration of the bot

Another factor that can determine how much you win is how you configure the software to place bets, as you can command it to be more or less aggressive in betting. Such as betting only at high odds, or betting more volume but at lower odds, betting only when a certain percentage return is obtained, etc.


All of these variables will affect your ability and speed to generate profits before your account is capped.

5. According to the volume of sporting events

It is a fact that if you bet during the holiday period, when the major leagues are not playing for example, the ability to find surebets is more limited due to the fact that there are not as many markets available.

6. Depending on the liquidity of the markets on which the bets are placed

Illiquid markets are those in which there is usually little money at stake from bettors, usually because they are very minority or rare events.

In this type of event, because there is not a large volume of bets, the odds fluctuate much more aggressively and become more unstable. In addition to being markets in which the bookmakers do not have as much information to set the odds well and are more sensitive to rigging.

Therefore, as they pose more risk to the bookmakers, they often suffer limitations, cancellations and annulments of bets frequently to protect themselves.

So, while these types of markets can be exploited for the ease of finding better odds compared to common events and winning more money, obsessing about only betting on these types of events can be counterproductive due to cancellations and limits that can make it take longer for us to earn money and be detected by bookmakers as professional users more easily and limit our account sooner, to be explained in detail in the next point.

7. Depending on how long it takes to limit your accounts

The most important variable of all. Please note that investing in Surebets is a limited version. Unfortunately, it is not an investment that can be maintained over time to be able to win for months or years because the bookmakers will not end up limiting the accounts and the ability to bet.

Why are we limited? Very simple, like casinos, bookmakers do not want to have winning users, as it is very detrimental to their business. Therefore, when a bookmaker detects that you are a winning user during a certain period of time, or that you are winning significant amounts of money in an abnormally low period of time with respect to a “casual” user, they will end up limiting and putting obstacles in the way of your account to prevent or hinder your ability to bet.

The most common types of bookmaker account limitations are:

  • Prevent you from betting more than X euros.
  • Prevent you from betting more than X euros.
  • earnings limit

Total limit. You can no longer trade at that bookmaker with your account. Therefore, once we have reached this point, in order to continue to be able to take advantage of Surebets, we should make new accounts from 0 in the name of family members or friends who are not yet limited or registered.

How long does it take to limit your account?

It also depends on unpredictable factors, as each bookmaker has its own internal rules and tolerances.

It is advisable to act and bet in a certain way in order to go unnoticed, or in other words, to appear to be a casual user and not a professional one. This way you can earn as much money as possible for as long as possible before you are limited.

Tricks that delay limitations

Some tricks to extend your life span in a bookmaker before the limitation can be:

  • Do not deposit more than 200-250 euros per bookmaker, so it is not considered an abnormally high amount and you cannot be labelled as a professional user so easily.
  • Betting in more liquid markets. That means betting on the most popular markets, as casual users do. As noted above, we aim not to look like a professional user. Because if you bet abnormally high amounts in comparison to the majority of users on very minor events (e.g. Norwegian women’s league) the bookmaker detects that movement as infrequent and you start appearing on their radar to follow you and limit your account faster.
  • Place bets in rounded amounts of money. In the same vein of not looking like a professional user, it is advisable to place bets that end in 0 or 5.
  • Do not make withdrawals from the bookmaker until it is necessary.

But despite all these uncontrollable variables that make it difficult to estimate how much we can earn, we can assure you that, according to our statistics and experience, with Betoven we have the capacity to double our investment in approximately 1 month if we distribute our investment in 5 bookmakers. For example, if we have a bankroll of £1000 spread over 5 different bookmakers at £200 each.

However, as mentioned above, a very important factor that affects how much we can win is the amount of money we can spend at bookmakers, as the more money we have available to bet, the more winnings can be generated because more different bets can be placed during the same period of time, thus maximising the winnings.

You don’t usually earn the same percentage if you invest £1000, which could be about 100% profit; as if you invest £3000, which could be up to 150% profit according to our experience with other clients.

If you are interested, you can try Betoven now and get £25 free in bookmaker winnings. We will guide you, step by step, through its configuration so that you can start earning as soon as possible.

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